MCSM Mod (MCSM finally in MC!)

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This is my mod of MCSM! It appears that MCSM is finally (not really) in MC! Suprise. Suprise. The Absolute Suprise of all Time! Try this & you're say it's good! This features new Tools, Bombs, Achievements, Items, Mobs, Keybinds, & Armor!

Check out the official MCSM Mod website:

Note: Due to computer issues, 1.1.5 will now be released on May 21st, just to clear that up.



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Oh, and BTW (by the way), I don't have mobs because I don't know how to use Blender, MCSkin3D, or Techne. & I can't download or open Techene.

Oh, I added the Portal Atlas in 1.0.8, but it won't show because of how big the screenshots are. Not Insulting/Complaining.

Not trying to be rude: keep it up people!
Day 1: 2 downloads
Day 2: 8 downloads
Day 3: 14 downloads
Day 4: 15 downloads
Day 5 : 15 downloads
Day 6: 15 downloads
Day 7: 20 downloads

I guess it's time to start closing this mod's doors & discontinue the mod & stop updating the mod...