Omega Adventure

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The omega mod adds onto the survival experience without changing the base game too much. This mod is focused around exploring, mob grinding and fishing aswell as fighting new bosses and obtaining rare drops. The goal of this mod is to improve the base game by changing or adding features that coexist with the current vanilla gameplay.





Modification files
omegaadventuremodv1.jarUploaded on: 02/26/2021 - 13:42   File size: 2.33 MB
omegaadventuresrelease1update0.1.jarUploaded on: 03/07/2021 - 15:19   File size: 16.39 MB
OmegaAdventuresUpdate0.2.jar - Newest Update!Uploaded on: 03/19/2021 - 17:44   File size: 19.16 MB

Version 1 Release 1

  • Added: 36 new types of fish that can be caught
  • Overhauled base minecraft fishing
  • Added: New fishing Loot - Crates,Tools,Items,Etc
  • Loads of New Mobs
  • Added: New Ores - Orvian Ore, Silver Ore
  • Added: New Structures in Nether and Overworld
  • Added: Deeper Nether Dimension
  • Added: New Boss Mobs
  • Added: New Achievements
  • Added: New Biome - Ancient Forest
  • Added new Loot tables for certain Mobs

 Version 1 Release 1 Update 0.1

  • Added: Some new textures for blocks and items
  • Added: New Structures
  • Added: Even More Fishing Loot
  • Added: New Weapons/Weapon Types
  • Added: New Biomes

             - Autumn Forest

             - Ageless Valley

             -Desert Dunes

             -Artic Wastes

  • Added: A ton of new mobs!

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for future releases let me know with a comment!


Version 1 Release 1 Update 0.2

   Added New Bosses:

   -Wasp Queen

   -Wild Silverback

   -King Sludge

   -King Anumra

   -End Beast

Overhauled End

- New Dungeons

New Biomes

- Slimy Wastes

- Jungle Overgrowth

- Volcanic Craters

- Abyssal Depths

New Dimension/Planet


Please note that not everything is put on the change log, because most features are to be discovered in survival.







Hello again! Just out of curiosity, would you be interested to make dedicated compatibility with my mod? One of the features that it adds is block killing night-spawning mobs, and recently I added the possibility for other mods to "join" their own mobs they desire to that killing list. It's really simple thing to do, honestly, and with that not only you will get interesting feature working, but also I will promote your mod by putting information about that compatibility ^^

Nice! That feature rely on scoreboard team, so you will need to add two commands ("team add avoider_killable" and "team join avoider_killable") for these mobs you want to be counted. I guess it would be best on spawning trigger, but you can of course make them killable under different conditions :P
In case you want to contact me, I have my Discord/Twitter/mail in bio!

Just to update things - after discussion with Caves of Cobalt author, now you can also use NBT tag "avoider_killable" set to "true" value, it works exactly the same ^^ the choice whether you want use scoreboard team or NBT tag is yours, though if your mobs drop exclusive loot, it would be safer to use NBT tag method, I think

Wow! I love the new updated End! But how did you add a biome to the End? I want to add a biome to the Nether in my mod!

i have to say
great mod, good job
but i have something else to say do you want to collab and make a very good mod?