new ends mod

Published by giokio128 on Thu, 12/26/2019 - 10:42
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Jump to downloads is the info website its a big mod pls turn ur render distance down to between 4 and 7 depends on ur pc thx for downloading ( : im happy now


Modification files
new_ends_mod_update4.jar - this is a small update but has some new things and new textures for the draction dimension some alpha stuff for ancient world1.33 MB
new_ends_mod_update5.jar - a small update but the ancient dimension is here in demo state sorry and some textures are fixed1.39 MB
new_ends_mod_update6.jar - this is the update with new things and upgraded things some things are fixed just a update that is just for more content1.43 MB
new_ends_mod_update7.jar - a new dimension is added sorry u cant access it in survival yet but wait till next update1.58 MB

latest version has over 256 new things


im bigo planet studios im the creator of this mod
its big it could crash multiple times dont worrie if u make a new world its gonna work

Can you format the description in paragraphs and capitalize it correctly plz. No offense but sometimes people won't read long blocks of text. Also you could add images in the desc by clicking the image button and put your image on a image hosting site. Then it will ask you for the link and you can put the link of your image at the image hosting site