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This mod adds an ore called "Logic ore".

The ore spawns under block hight 12 and needs a diamond pickaxe to mine. The ore isn't too hard to find but because of the low hight finding it in caves is hard unless you like swimming in lava, so strip mining is your best option.

The gem itself is like an orange diamond and like the diamond comes with its own tools set. (only pickaxe and sword) the set is slightly stronger than diamond and is better to enchant that gold. The ore is so Illogically powerful when mixed with powered emerald reactors. It is so powerful it has the power to duplicate objects and if exposed to a strong power (like a nether star) it could even duplicate itself.

When exposed to the wither effect from a wither skull, it can create a power so condense it can make bedrock, and with the help of emerald reactors, you could make bedrock weapons...


Heres a list of all the items in this mod has to offer:


Logic ore

Logic Gems

Logic sword, Logic sword E1. Logic Sword E2

Logic pickaxe, Logic pickaxe E1, Logic pickaxe E2

Logic Shovel

Logic hoe

Logic Axe

Logic Armor

Logic Carrot

Emerald reactor:

Emerald reactor (unpowered)

Emerald reactor (powered)

Logic Gens:

Cobble Gen

Coal gen

Lapuis Gen

Redstone Gen

Iron Gen

Gold Gen

Diamond Gen

Emerald Gen

Bedrock ingot Gen

Logic Gen

Each Gen has a spellbook for portable generation

bedrock making tools:

Bedrock maker

Bedrock shards

Bedrock ore

Bedrock Ingot

Bedrock ingot block

Bedrock tools/weapons:

Bedrock knife

Bedrock Sword

Bedrock pickaxe

Bedrock Axe

Bedrock shovel

Bedrock hoe

Bedrock Carrot


The Illogical Sword

Illogical Pickaxe

Illogical armor

Illogical Carrot (with seeds)


Please give as much feedback as you can. please enjoy my mod!


Logic Craft 1.1: Updated the damage for "The Illogical Sword"

Logic Craft 2.0: *NEW* complete toolset of Logic gem, bedrock armor, Illogical pickaxe, Illogical armor!

Logic Craft 2.0.MEGA: *NEW*  complete toolset of bedrock, Spellbooks of Generation, Logic, Bedrock and illogical Carrots along with Illogical carrot farms!


KOC: He's coming...

Bruce: who?

KOC: Captain murther...

Bruce: brace yourself for a fight then, if we survive we will be flooded with riches!

KOC: we will obtain one of the strongest Gems in the Minecraft Universe!!!

He is coming... Are you ready for the challenge??


Modification files
Logic_mod_1.0.jar - Logic Craft 1.0Uploaded on: 05/29/2018 - 09:25   File size: 176.72 KB
Logic_mod_1.1.jar.jar - Logic Craft 1.1Uploaded on: 05/30/2018 - 00:47   File size: 178.12 KB
Logic_mod_2.0.jar - Logic Craft 2.0Uploaded on: 05/30/2018 - 02:02   File size: 216.91 KB
Logic_Gemz_2.MEGA_.jar - Logic Craft 2 MEGA!! *Prepare... he's coming...*Uploaded on: 06/07/2018 - 08:37   File size: 291.52 KB