Vanquisher's & Spirit's

Published by _Spectrall on Sun, 04/16/2023 - 19:31
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Vanquisher's & Spirit's


This mod adds a new way to play Minecraft. In a boring and repetitive world, this mod adds a mysterious, magical and mystical adventure where power has no limits. This mod is recommended for playing with 2 or more people (friends or people on the minecraft servers located on our Discord Server) for maximum fun and creativity. The mod is in fact based on the history of the Warrior Series (RG) (and many others) with all the existing factions called dynasties (Vanquisher, Spirit, Hunter and more). By V&S Team (_Spectrall, Tizio_BelloHopeless_Sinner and Eternal_). Screenshots made by Simo00_


Since the mod weighs more than 20 Mb I had to upload an older version of the mod since the MCreator site imposes this limit. To try the latest version of the mod you have to click Here


 This mod adds new:




Depending on the armor worn, a certain protection is obtained and by combining the weapon of the corresponding armor you can access secret skills (depending on the weapon).

Fewer armors are shown in the image than there are actually in the mod.





Weapons are the most interesting items in the whole mod. All weapons (swords, halberds, blades, etc.) have skills. The skills are unlocked as shields: with the right or left button of the mouse (dx/sx) (in some weapons there are skills with shift) or by wearing the armor of the corresponding entity (no skills are active with the keyboard).

Fewer weapons are shown in the image than there are actually in the mod.





Many items are decorative. Others (like the hammer or the shield) have abilities that are unlocked with the right mouse button or having the weapon of the corresponding entity in the inventory.

Fewer items are shown in the image than there are actually in the mod.





The blocks are decorative but can be collected with minecraft pickaxes, axes or shovels,some blocks may be bright at night. Depending on the block, there are its variants (stairs, slabs, walls, etc.) and in this section you will also find doors, bars and much more to build.

Fewer blocks are shown in the image than there are actually in the mod.


-Some textures/sounds have been taken from other mods. The credits of the textures/sounds taken go to them.

-If you want to use my mod textures/sounds for another mod ask first otherwise your mod will be reported.



-500 Download reached on 01/04/22


-1000 Download reached on 30/05/22


-1500 Download reached on 04/07/22


-2000 Download reached on 14/08/22


-2500 Download reached on 04/11/22


-3000 Download reached on 29/01/23


-3500 Download reached on 27/04/23


-4000 Download reached on 16/06/23


-4500 Download reached on 04/08/23


-5000 Download reached on ??/??/??

 -Mod Showcase

-Original provenance of some textures/sounds/models belong to:

NOTICE: I've already asked to other mod creators for permission to use their textures etc. (or I'm waiting  for them to answer me), except for the infinity gauntlet datapack it says to credit it (so I didn't contact the creator since it says this), in any case I put the credits of the mods/texture packs and datapacks:


-The Abyss II - The Other Side

-Interdimensional Traveller

-Blue Skies

-Mars Mod Reborn

-BloodCraft 5

-The Cursed Realm 2

-Ancient Realms    (Special thanks to the creator of Ancient Realms for availability, permissions and textures!)

-The Afterlight

-FunItems Mod


-More Tool


-More Zombies

-Ascension Of The Divine


-Heart Of The Machine

-Scepters And More

-Hunter's & Guardian's

-Horror Movie Monsters

-[Horror] Isolation

-Infinity Gauntlet




Discord Server:

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Vanquisher's & Spirit's 8.1 - 1.16.5.jar - Vanquisher's & Spirit's 8.1 - 1.16.5Uploaded on: 04/16/2023 - 19:49   File size: 18.38 MB

did you, uh, ask some of those other mods you took textures and audio from for permission aswell-?

Hi, i'm from the V&S team, i can assure you we have permissions for using those textures and sounds, the owner and creator of the mod asked himself, and if he didn't, those textures and sounds wouldn't be in the mod. Some textures are hand-made, since this mod is based on videos of the italian youtuber called Revealed Gaming and his series.

i'd like to correct my answer; he didn't ask to everyone, some let them be taken from their mods, some textures are even modified, and the mods he didn't ask to are very few, and in the next days he'll ask them, if they don't want them to be in the mod, we'll listen to them then.