Undertale Mod 1.1.5 (WIP)

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Drekac beat me to the Undertale Mod uploading.

I did take two textures from him, but yes, go to his wonderful mod.

His mod is better than mines. He's also making a map for it.

But yeah in my mod, it's more of a 'support your OC' Undertale Mod.

I will be making a page about crafting recipes on Facebook soon.

(So just use Creative until then, or just try out random things until you get the result.)


(P.S. Check out Drekac's Mod, It's better than mine and I took the Red Leaves and Golden Flowers textures from his mod.)


There he is. ^^^

Modification files
UndertaleMod1.1.5.zipUploaded on: 07/22/2016 - 14:24   File size: 7.9 MB

Heres an idea make a Half-life mod don't know what half-life is go play half-life 1, 2 hl2:ep1 and hl2:ep2 oh and half-life 3 if you live in a alternate universe.

If you know some coding would you like to join my team for an rpg mod. I have permission for eb to use his library and also I have an amazing modeler so far. I know some java here and there and I can tweak procedures in mcreator’s code. If you want to help out send me an email in kostas23365@gmail.com or reply to this comment and I’ll send you my discord. I am also good at ideas making procedures making balanced systems and solving issues, I have most of the stuff written in pen and paper format and the coding isn’t that intense so don’t worry if you’re not the best.