Journey's Dawn

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Welcome to your new journey !

Important !

Do to some errors, boss ai can crash your game, so be wary and backup your world once ready to face one.

This mod is discontinued

Journey's Dawn is a mod that aims to add all kinds of new fun, interesting and challenging aspects to Minecraft, such as new weapons, new structures to explore and new boss fights.

Getting started ;

This mod adds a boss progression system, which encourages players to experience and slay bosses to make the progression curve of Minecraft more interesting. Because of this, ores like Iron or Diamond cannot be mined until a certain boss is killed and the pickaxe required, crafted.

When entering a new world, a Starter Bag will be given to the player. This bag contains usefull ressources, such as wood and torches, and tools made of bronze. This feature skips intentionally wood and stone tiers, which are useless.

Bronze is a new ingot added to this mod which serves as a new beginner tier. Bronze can be made by combining copper and tin in a smithing table, which was changed to be accessible early game.

With your new bronze equipement, you are now ready to slay your first boss : the Forest Guardian, a mystic being protecting flora and fauna and guarding the iron tier.

What can you expect from this mod ? ;

First, this mod tries to be a stand alone experience, which means it doesn't require any other mod to make the adventure ahead more... complete (of course, you can still add it to a modpack, just give credit) [and it doesn't mean either that you can't mix other mods]. Second, this mod is more focus on combat and exploration more than any other mechanics, like farming, fishing or building. Finally, this mod is more centered around its bosses and the progression is built around that.

Other stuff ;

This mod will always be updated to newer version, if possible. I don't really plan to make ports for older versions.

On that note, I hope you all have a good time ! ;)


For centuries, a new threat has appeared, one which kills even gods and destroys whole universes : The Gods' Scourge as he is commonly know as. But the inhabitants of Minecraft shall not fret anymore as a new hero was sent by the gods themselves, a being capable of incredible things and cheating death ; you, the player. You shall destroy the Scourge and all his servants which do his biding. But one question remain, which path will you choose ? Will you become the new ruler of fear or will you finally bring peace to this world ? Your future is your own to build.

Modification files
Journey'sDawn_1.5.9.jar - Version 1.5.9 ; minecraft 1.19.4Uploaded on: 08/15/2023 - 15:46   File size: 5.64 MB
Journey'sDawn_1.6.jar - Version 1.6 ; minecraft 1.19.4Uploaded on: 08/17/2023 - 21:08   File size: 5.74 MB

License Update

Now under MIT license