Stasis: Rewritten

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A big-ish mod that adds in new mobs, weapons, tools, ores, food, and one three new dimension(s)



Prima: A [horrific] land of clouds hovering above the Otherworld! Featuring gaps, clouds, and more clouds! Also features new ores, ingredients, and a very unstable prison. To learn more about this cold, cold world, you must venture up the skies of the [literal] origin of the world to find a gateway in the clouds! Make sure to bring extra blocks, some purified amethyst shards, and maybe a few water buckets or ender pearls.

Ariken: An extremely hot and radioactive desert wasteland, riddled with remnants of a raging war. Now only populated with cannibals and mammoths. To enter, you will need to craft Infernal Portal Frames. Then, craft a blaze and brick to ignite the portal. After that, get some fire resistance (or else...) and enter Ariken!

Dead Frontier: A place. You'll need either a Draconic or Prima Keystone to activate its portal [Ancient Dimensional Brick Frame], naturally found somewhere in the west at x= -1500 to -2000. Some villagers may trade the frames instead. Good luck! :)



New ores!


Weapons and Tools:

Unique and self-explanatory. Probably.

Additional Info about Weapons and Tools:

  • Some tools added in the game can break blocks in a 3x3 area, or chop trees effectively.
  • Energy weapons will need power cells; Only one power cell will be used at a time to charge the weapon multiple times. (Think of it like a battery :P) 
  • Summon items will more than likely require a new hidden stat called "inspiration". Inspiration regenerates naturally and you can hold more inspiration the longer you live in a single life! 
  • Some recipes will need a smithing table. 
  • Armor sets are very helpful. Especially aethuurite armor.
  • Pills provide fun effects. Use them wisely, like you would in real life!



Adds in stronger, rarer variants for zombies, skeletons, and creepers. And more.


  • Hakas - They will be found on an island, trapped inside a (practically bursting at the seams) cube prison. Using three eyes of the storm will destroy the prison and...
  • The Wrathbearers, Ferrodyen and Damashun - Craft the Medallion of Dishonor and show it off in Ariken... Dishonor? Dishonour? No one cares how you spell it.
  • Mob Neutralizer Omicron - It can be found in the Dead Frontier, somewhere within the corrosive biomes. A radio will help you pick up the signal.
  • ??? - Found in the Dead Frontier. Sealed within the notorious Murphy's box.
  • The Exo-Beetle - ???



Adds in new foods and tags! Like blaze chocolate!

And more!

Technical info:

Current version: v0.6.1 Beta

Won't be updating the mod to newer Minecraft versions yet. Because of NeoForge.

Super-dee-duperly recommended to download AttributeFix. This mod will allow you surpass the max health limit and armor limit, among other things. 

Some mods may also need it (for modded armor probably)

Currently using version 21.0.4.


JEI is also recommended. Just for recipes. Useful in general.


Mod ID is: forgotten_lore , in case something goes wrong.

Curseforge link:


Modification files
stasis_rewritten-0.6.1.jar - Recent release. Forge 1.20.1Uploaded on: 05/24/2024 - 05:42   File size: 13.3 MB
stasis_rewritten-0.5.2.jar - Previous release. Forge. 1.20.1Uploaded on: 03/28/2024 - 03:03   File size: 12.04 MB
stasis_rewritten-0.4.1.jar - Ancient release. Forge. 1.20.1Uploaded on: 01/26/2024 - 03:42   File size: 17.3 MB
stasis_rewritten-0.3.4.jar - Prehistoric release. Forge. 1.20.1Uploaded on: 01/16/2024 - 23:57   File size: 16.17 MB

v0.6.1 [unfinished 1.0 update]

  • Energy weapons now have an energy meter!
  • Shotgun-like + automatic ranged weapons should work properly now. Go, damage tags!
  • Got rid of the horrible procedure that gave the Ender Dragon and Wither titles. (Ex: Wither, Horror of the Wastes, Horror of the Wastes, Horror of the Wastes, Horror of the Wastes)
  • End update.
  • Fixed a few things.
  • Not much, but probably more?

v0.5.2 Ditto.

  • Ditto.

v0.5.1 TA4DLF2EU: Hotfix

  • Extra ancient debris should now drop actual ancient debris. Sorry if this affected you in the last versions.
  • Two new summoner weapons to fill the enormous progression gap
  • Added universal smithing templates to combat that one JEI thing about smithing recipes
  • Fixed some recipes (like white chocolate chip cookies)


v0.5.0 The Agonizing 4-Day-Long Fix to Everything Update [BETA]

  • The Exotic Warehouse merchant is now traveling and roaming the overworld! 
  • Implemented the missing third boss of the Dead Frontier, the Exo-Beetle.
  • The obelisk should no longer spawn near the origin (it now spawns in the west around x: -1800-ish.)
  • Likewise, an alternative way to get to the Dead Frontier is available. Start trading with villagers.
  • Fixed a lot of things that would crash.
  • Rebalanced and nerfed some things.
  • Deleted (most of) unused/unnecessary/really bulky elements.
  • Most things that didn't work as intended should work as intended now.
  • Tags are more consistent.
  • New armor dropped.
  • Bosses in general have been "reworked" a bit. This is related to fixing crashes and the frustration of fighting Hakas from afar.
  • Trophies have been added for two bosses under special conditions.
  • Canon mode has been updated considerably. It's still very far from finished.
  • New summoner tools added after failing to implement some QOL updates to their AI.
  • Environmental penalties are no longer enabled by default.
  • more+

v0.4.1 Coldfix

  • The white pen should no longer be leaking + the saw blueprint is now called the saw blueprint.
  • Added drops for wasps and ants.
  • Added a missing recipe.
  • "Rebalanced" the railgun.

v0.4.0 Frontier Update

  • Very small update that adds in 100+ elements. [1,407 elements in total.]
  • Actually fixed the Prima Island spawn problem. For new worlds at least.
  • Fixed (and likely added) some inconsistencies.
  • Reoptimized some thingamajiggies (armor set specials) and whatchamacallits (i genuinely don't remember)
  • Deleted test items that have served far beyond their purpose.
  • The Dead Frontier is now accessible in Survival. :) It is now [66%+] done.
  • Added more armor.
  • Added sliced cake.
  • Expanded the summoner's arsenal. Working on this was a pain in the 'arse'.
  • Added lore. And NPCs.
  • and more...

v0.3.4 The Fix that Saved M*necraft

  • Fixed Damashun possibly crashing the game.
  • Fixed Ariken environmental effects by making sure they say in Ariken.
  • Added a few new weapons.
  • Possibly fixed purified amethyst shards.
  • Added at least 150 mod elements and removed a few.
  • Added new dimension Dead Frontier. Still a massive W.I.P., so inaccessible in Survival.
  • Actually put stage progression to use.
  • Added 5 paintings.
  • Added new foods.
  • and more...

v0.3.2 Ariken Update: Hotfix

  • Removed ~2 mod elements.
  • Removed Lift and Descend Keybinds.
  • Forgot to make leaves not drop themselves.
  • Changed advancement description of an advancement.
  • Removed a couple spawn eggs.

v0.3.1 Ariken Update

  • Added ~250 mod elements
  • Added food.
  • Possibly fixed spawning on Prima Island when spawn hasn't been set with a bed yet.
  • Added new dimension Prima.
  • Added 15+ sounds.
  • Added new gamerule.
  • Rebalanced some things.
  • Added entities for Ariken.
  • Added new blocks.
  • Added new recipes and tags.
  • Some tags have been standardized a bit more.
  • PSA: Do not attempt to spawn the Alpha Construct.

v0.2.1 - Initial (stable) release

  • Added 687 mod elements.