Published by MandMs05 on Sat, 04/28/2018 - 01:21
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You live in a world in the year 2532 AD/CE.
The Earth has suffered nuclear war, and as a result, a 300 year nuclear winter (NYI) and irradiated monsters (NYI).
Your goal is to survive in this world and build society up again.

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Alpha 1.0.0186.08 KB
Alpha 1.1.0211.14 KB
Alpha 1.2.1389.18 KB

Alpha 1.0.0
Fallout biome added.
Extreme fallout biome added.
Polluted biome added.
Gas mask added.
Respirator added.
Glock 8 added.

Uranium added.

Uranium 285 added.
Plutonium added.

Fluorine added.

Copper added.
Titanium added.

Dehydrated apple added.


Alpha 1.1.0

Added HAZMAT suit.
Added pistol sounds.
Pistol crashes minecraft.
Updated textures.
Fixed Atomic Bomb.
Added Atomic Bomb detonation (G).


Alpha 1.2.0

Added Mutated Wolf.

Alpha 1.2.1

Fixed game crash on gun fire.

That's a pretty nice concept. I like the idea of the irradiated mobs.

How did you make the atomic bomb? I can't figure out how?

I used an explosion 15F and then created a procedure (I forgot what it was called) that did [gamerule commandBlockOutput false, execute @e[r=500] ~ ~ ~ /summon tnt, gamerule commandBlockOutput true]

My game crashed when trying to load this mod. I can't send it through MCreator and I'm having problems with GitHub.

Submitted by MandMs05 on Thu, 05/17/2018 - 21:45

The updated version of MCreator has erased my progress, and so I will start updating again once I get my progress back! Sorry for the delay!