NecronCraft RPG

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After tons of remakes and other stuff...

I present...

NecronCraft RPG

Now With 1.16.5 Support!

What is NecronCraft RPG?

NecronCraft RPG is a Minecraft mod that aims to improve upon the exploration/combat/loot features in vanilla. This mod is heavily based on mods such as Advent of Ascension, Divine RPG, RaolCraft Omega, Orespawn, Arcana RPG and Way Through Dimensions.

How to Progress?

In order to begin your journey, you need to firstly kill the wither. Upon killing the wither, you will recieve a Nether star. Build a beacon and as soon as you have activated it, the world will change forever. You now will be able to mine an ore that has generated called riftium. Use that to make rifts into the next dimension, the Lushlands. (Not added yet)

You figure out the rest...


There are 3 Bosses Currently in the Mod:

Dread: A Dark Skeletal Entity That can gain in power as the fight progresses!

Burrohell: A Massive Sandworm that can create earthquakes. Burrohell is currently not finished yet.

Gorrilo Cheif: A Large Gorrila With Magic Attacks. The boss is currently just zombie AI. 


Mojang for Making Minecraft

Re-Logic for Creating Terraria (My Biggest Inspiration)

Fabsol and The Team for Creating The Terraria Calamity Mod (Another Big Inspiration)

NikG for Creating Way Through Dimensions Mod (Yet Another Big Inspiration)

ID Software for making Doom

Valve for making Half-Life

Modification files
NecronCraftRPG-Alpha-v0.1.jar - Earliest Version581.33 KB
NecronCraftRPG-Alpha-v0.1.1.jar - 1.16.5 Support + Some Optimisation639.68 KB
NecronCraftRPG-Alpha-v0.2.jar - New Nether Mobs + New Dimension (Dimension is Unfinished and Buggy)878.86 KB

Alpha v0.1

Public Alpha Released!

Alpha v0.1.1

Added support for 1.16.5

Added Soulfire Varients of Fire-Based Mobs and Weapons

Added New Attacks to Dread (Hard Only)

Changed Some Textures and Particles

Alpha v0.2

Added new Mobs for the Nether (Imps, Demons, Wither-Roaches, Possessed Humans)

Added A New Boss, The Gorrilo Cheif (Unfinished)

Added Gorrilo and Gorrilo Elite

Added Lushlands (Unfinished)

Added a Handgun (Will be removed next version)