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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to Rectocraft

Multiplayer Compatible

Vivecraft VR Compatible

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What is Rectocraft?

Rectocraft is an advanced adventure mod developed by ItsRectocon using MCreator. This is

planned to be the biggest mod to ever be made so that requires much trial and error along with

time but it is possible. Rectocraft its also It's own story adding on to the original Minecraft story

line so you will have a lot of fun while you play leaning such an Interesting Story.

What Dose Rectocraft Bring?

Rectocraft brings a lot of everything into the game from swords to dimensions and much, much,

much, more! What ever can be made will be made with awareness of limitations of course. Here

Is Rectocraft Stable?

Yes! Rectocraft should be or 100% be stable this has been tested multiple times under

multiple scenarios and 99.99% of the time the mod dose not crash. IF you are experiencing

crashes it may be some other mods that you have installed or your device.

Thank you for downloading Rectocraft and I hope you enjoy my mod

Modification files
Rectocraft Indev V0.7.3 Forge 1.16.5.jar - Rectocraft Indev V0.7.3 Forge 1.16.5732.6 KB

Rectocraft Indev V0.7.3 Forge

Warning! Please only use this version of the game to look at
and not to play especially in multiplayer worlds even though its stable

What's New?

  • Male Survivalist No linger attack Female Survivalist
  • Particles appear when you get hurt
  • Physical clouds are now a thing
  • 2 New Structures added
  • Tested on multiplayer
  • Bug Fixes single and Multiplayer
    Sky Structures Next Update and More!

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