Faded Conquest II

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This mod is No longer in development indefinitely. I may port it to new versions, but until then, that's all for now. Happy questing, and happy roughly 4th aniversery to faded conquest, you really made me happy and made things bearable back then, farewell...


MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024

FaeStricken-Fool Presents!



This is a very, very special mod. Not only in design, but to me as the creator.

In mid 2020, I along with another, had a dream, a dream to make a Minecraft mod. It Started small and honestly sub-par, as most MCreator mods start. It added several things: A boss called Boxbot, the faded king and nether reactor cores. It was very simple. The mod quickly grew from this humble start to something extremely extensive, having a little bit of everything. New plants, dimensions, high-tech sci-fi features. It had it all. (note this inconsistency of features becomes important) It was like a modpack within a mod. but most important of these was an expansion on the faded king, incorporating three other bosses, together all four were based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Unfortunately, these designs were very flawed, and were based on my friend's minecraft avatars. Although this did not hold up. following its port from 1.12 to new versions, it had had its third major makeover. The horsemen concept was scrapped altogether, and Boxbot was replaced with Dryolian, and so forth. New Lore was originally created for the mod, but that was its downfall. Faded Conquest Strived too much for two people to make and may I say, Was bound by the boundless game. This new extremely complex, story based concept along with the constant addition of unrelated features caused updates to be extremely unorganized, instead of adding the main features, we added on to the cooking mechanics and plants, and this killed it. Faded conquest had officially died. deeply distressed from the loss of my “golden child” of projects, I quit Minecraft altogether for a few years, and did not dare touch modding for a few more. Until very recently, a new Minecraft server was created. A modded Minecraft server of which I was given the opportunity to make a mod for. So I utilized my main interest in wildlife to create Critters N’ Crawlers. I relearned my modeling and texturing skills all within a month, and completely learned animations from scratch all within a month. And as a tribute for the old mod, I wanted to make a remodel of the Faded King. Surely I wouldn’t use it, right? foolishly, I decided to use this in a new mod.


This mod was not uploaded specifically as content, but as a sort of closure for me, as the human behind this mod, not the online developer who's writing this. I've finally accepted that things can and will change, whether for good or not, and it's okay to fail or let things change, because many new opportunities can come after, you know? 

But after all, this is a RPG mod made in a month for a competition for a blocky children's video game made by some crusty old guy that was bought off by Microsoft, not some revolutionary creation.

Soon, I will move on with life, and probably completely forget about this whole thing, but at least I will finally have no need to feel like that time was used for nothing.

My final point and conclusion is to chase your dreams, but sometimes dreams are simply that. it's ok to say goodbye to past dreams that you no longer crave, it's ok to fail at things, and sometimes it's a sign that something better is waiting. whether this be with a project like this, personal goals, hell! even finding a romantic partner or finding a career, this still applies to you.

Now that soap-opera is over with, the features are mentioned below.


Faded Conquest ll is a Remaster of the original Faded conquest mod, it lacks most of the old features, but adds many new and far-better features.


The features go as follows:



  • Dryolian, The Faded King - The wicked and demented warlord and harbringer of war, he was left over from a bygone era. This boss has two phases and multiple attack types including dash attacks, leaping attacks, and summoning minions to aid it. After first slaying him, he enters phase 2, which is similar to the first, although attacks are faster and more lethal. Upon death, he drops the conquest blade, an extremely powerful weapon. Only the most powerful and worthy of players willing to slay the faded king can obtain it.

  • The Aero Guardian - A mysterious creation left over from ancient times to guard the heavens from wicked beasts such as the harbingers. It strikes lightning, shoots projectiles, and summons whirlwinds to pick up the player. When slain, it drops  two weapons: The eye of the storm: a laser like device which will smite the target that requires electro charges to function. The second is the stormclasher, which when right clicked grants the player with electric speed.

  • Doomharbour Lich - A mysterious, powerful Lich, and the harbinger of death. It resides in a large tower guarded via skeleton spawner, it can conjure undead soldiers to aid it in combat. it is summoned by trying to steal the Ominous Skull.


  • The Terrible Ten - Whilst much weaker each on their own, these small knights fight as a  formidable team, led by the harbringer of Conquest. You must fight them as a group, and when defeated in this form they separate into their individual selves, who can be slain and captured to use in battle as a personal army.

  • The Plaugebringer- The plaugebringer is thewicked harbringer of pestilence, it summons toxic crows as minions, deals poison to opposing players, and may become invisible with dash attacks.


Modification files
faded_conquest_2-1.0.0A.jar - Faded Conquest v 1.0.0AUploaded on: 05/23/2024 - 04:24   File size: 7.97 MB
faded_conquest_II_1.0.0.jar - first full release!Uploaded on: 05/31/2024 - 05:01   File size: 3.81 MB
  • Renames "plaugebringer lich" to "Doomharbour Lich"
  • Adds Plaugebringer
  • Adds Harbringer Keys
  • Adds Abyssal Device recipe and item
  • Adds Abyss dimension
  • Adds Petrified Wood
  • Adds Petrified Branch
  • Adds Luminous growth 
  • Adds Abyssal Growth
  • Adds Grimstone
  • Adds Toxicrow
  • Adds New structures for the harbingers
  • Adds lootables to entities
  • Adds functionality to the Stormclasher
  • Renamed "Conquest Blade" to "Blade Of War"
  • Adds advancements for slaying harbringers and the Aero guardian
  • Adds Abyssal Device mechanic
  • Adds "Blade Of war" Mechanics