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Published by Hellfax on Sat, 06/13/2020 - 22:30
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To get to any dimension, light a portal of Idem Blocks with it's respective keystone.

Anyway, on with the lore!

As a researcher, and a newcomer to the Overworld, you have but one simple task in mind, find out the secrets of this dimension, and of all of the alternate realities, pasts and possible futures, linked to it. Throughout the world, in various biomes, you will find unique gems that aren't found anywhere else, which hold an untapped link to another world. To activate that link, you need to resonate the inner energy within them, which can only be done using an advanced machine using the potential of both Idem and Alius known as the Paradox Reactor. Apart from all of this, you will notice many new additions to the Overworld, Nether, and End (Just one ore for now), which will both keep you on your toes and provide new adventures.


  • Silizoa - The Silicon Based Planet


  1.  Silizoa Plains (Plains are where Alora Grass grows and rocky stalagmites jutt out of the ground, you can find the Haem Castle here)
  2. Silizoa Marshland (Contains springs of infested water, Kilua Mushrooms, and Panssarivaunu Isopods)
  3. Silizoa Forest (Home of the Haem Tribe, with houses as well as Alora Mushrooms and Magnetite Trees)
  4. Silizoa Wastes (Wasteland where only Haihtuva Spiders spawn as well as quartz clusters)
  • Nether Surface - What really lies above the bedrock of the Nether


  1. Nether Surface Wastes (Dry wastelands that harbor ashy and burnt remnants of a once prosperous land)
  2. Lava Ocean (Vast ocean of lava with some soul sand beaches)
  3. Nether Surface Ruins (Remnants of a long lost civilization)
  4. Nether Surface Ancient Ruins (Exposed netherrack area where you can find the Nether Altar)


  • Strange Forest (Source of Alius, dense forest of mahogany where Fallen and Alius Harvesters can spawn.)
  • Garigue (Mediterranean style biome consisting of rocky limestone with patches of dry soil, many indiginous plants spawn here.)


  • Chromium (Attracts ore chunks when worn whole set at the cost of durability.)
  • Plated Gold (More durable and tougher gold.)
  • Plated Iron (More durable and tougher iron.)
  • Scale (Early game set, higher than leather)
  • Asphodel Garland (Protects from Curse potion effect.)
  • Black Fabric (Heat resistant when worn whole set, not lava resistant.)
  • Piikki Carapace (A bit weaker than chainmail but has armor toughness.)
  • Panssarivaunu Scale (A bit weaker than diamond, but has armor toughness.)
  • Garnet Necklace (Protects from Edema (unless you go into the water))
  • Insulated Fabric (Gives fire resistance when exposed to heat.)
  • Kuori Shell (Gives slowness to wearer.)
  • Vulcangold (Gives fire resistance.)
  • Haihtuva Monocle (Lets you tag Haihtuva Spiders.)


  • Alius Source Stone (Strange Forest)
  • Chromite Ore
  • Idem Ore (End)
  • Halite Deposit (Sand)
  • Ruby Ore (Jungle)
  • Galena Ore
  • Citrine Ore (Garigue)
  • Amethyst Ore (Taiga)
  • Garnet Ore (Silizoa)
  • Kyanite Ore (Silizoa)
  • Rhodonite Cluster (Silizoa)
  • Spinel Ore (Savanna)
  • Nether Coal Ore (Nether Surface)
  • Nether Gold Ore (Nether Surface)
  • Polonium Ore (End)


  • Moth (Ambient mob. spawns at night, Passive)
  • Hake (Found only in deep oceans, Passive)
  • Fallen (Found only in strange forests, gives Curse upon hit)
  • Lost Soul (Found only in strange forests, gives Curse when close and can only be hurt by magic)
  • Gnashjaw (Found in plains, neutral pack mob)
  • Earthimated (Swamp mob, fires projectiles)
  • Mimic Block (Comes in two variants, stone and grass)
  • Ent (Forest Mob, spawns Soulless Mite upon death)
  • Soulless Mite (Infests certain mobs like Ents)
  • Anguileech (Swamp and strange forest mob, can poison)
  • Jurgen (Spawns in a structure in plains and mountian biomes, trader)
  • Fallen Knight (Miniboss, spawns in corrupted area underground, guarding a valuable item)
  • Jack (Trader, spawns in plains and forest biomes)
  • Crazy Hood (Nether Wastes and Soul Sand Valley mob, hostile, drops Black Fabric and in rare occasions a music disc, Black fabric used to make heat resistant armor set.)
  • Fleshpound (Nether Wastes and Crimson Forest mob, hostile, drops rotten flesh on death and sometimes an Eyeball, poisons when hit.)
  • Prison Guard (Miniboss found in Nether Prison, shoots projectiles, drops Dolerite Pillars.)
  • Gabriella (Spawns in Black Chapel, gives a quest.)
  • Gabrihet'alima (Boss mob, spawned in Black Chapel after quest, drops Botched Nether Star.)
  • Macaque (Neutral pack mob that spawns in Jungles, drops leather.)
  • Rotting Flesh (Miniboss, spawns in Nether Linkers, spawns 4 zombies upon death.)
  • Canary (Passive mob found in forest-like biomes, drops feathers, chirps beautifully.)
  • Bandit (Spawns in gravel mountains, two variants, Bow Bandits and Crossbow Bandits.)
  • Bee (Spawns in forests and garigues. Stings you if you get too close. Can also poison when hit.)
  • Captian's Will (Boss mob, has to be killed in 5 minutes or vanishes.)
  • Piiki Beetle (Small beetle found in Silizoa, hurts to touch.)
  • Porata Fly (Flying ambient mob.) (Silizoa mob)
  • Panssarivauna Isopod (Tanky mob that drops in scales.) (Silizoa mob)
  • Haihtuva Spider (Hostile mob that can give Edema.) (Silizoa mob)
  • Tuli Slug (Sets you on fire and gives slowness, spawns in marshland.) (Silizoa mob)
  • Globin Tribesman (Can spawn with different kinds of trades, requires garnet as currency) (Silizoa mob)
  • Globin Guardsman (Hostile mob found in Haem Castle.) (Silizoa Mob)
  • King Eikki (Boss mob found in Haem Castle, drops Staff of Elevation. Feather Falling Recommended.) (Silizoa Mob)
  • Cyanin Tribesman (One of the last of their tribe, sometimes found in Underground Camps, needs a Translator to talk to.)
  • Kuori Clam Eye (Eyes of a giant clam found in Silizoa Marshlands, its shell can be used to make bricks.)
  • Nimble Spray Crab (Benthic marine crab found in warmer waters.)
  • Omar (NPC mob found in Stable structure.)
  • Mother Panssarivaunu Isopod (Guards Panssarivaunu Isopod Egg)
  • Feral Crimson Felid (Hostile Nether Wastes and Warped Forest mob, can be tamed with rotten flesh.)
  • King Emmanuel (The ruler of the Nether Surface, complete his quest to obtain one of the timeless artifacts.)
  • Blooming Agave (Technically not a "mob", but an entity nonetheless.)
  • Agave Ent (An Agave version of the forest-bound ent.)
  • Cactus Ent (Hurts to touch, but cannot move.)
  • Royal Knight (A knight present in the new structure, Norad's Castle, neutral, but all the knights will attack you if you hurt one knight.)
  • Royal Guard (Always hostile, guards off limits areas of the castle, don't attack unless you want to become an enemy of the knights.)
  • Isac (A powerful knight who is King Norad's right hand man. Either fight to obtain a special sword, or take on his quest to access a new dimension. (BETA 1.9))

Bold = Boss

Italics = Miniboss


  • Flint crushing (Right click certain items with flint in inventory to extract something)
  • Plating (Plate gold and iron stuff with chromium)
  • Resonance (Combine Idem and Alius to form the Ancient Alloy)
  • Paradox Reacting (Resonate the link found within special gems)
  • Sword Spiking (Put Bee Stingers on swords to deal poison damage but half durability.)
  • Unity (Use the Orb Of Unity to restore peace to the Globin and Cyanin Tribes.)
  • Purification (Purify Alius materials to obtain energy.)


  • Shop, spawns in Plains and Forest.
  • Shop and lore, spawns in Plains and Mountains
  • Pirate House, spawns in Swamps.
  • Fallen Cave-Town, spawns underground
  • Pirate Ship, spawns in oceans, contains loot.
  • Corrupted area, spawns underground, contains miniboss.
  • Nether Prison, spawns in nether, contains miniboss and loot.
  • Black Chapel, spawns in nether, contains npc and is area where boss is summoned.
  • Nether Linker, spawns in Jungles and contains a single block of ruby.
  • Bandit Outpost, spawns in gravel mountians, contains loot and lore, as well as Bandits.
  • Crashed Ship, spawns in frozen oceans, contains loot and lore, as well as the summon for a boss mob.
  • Kilua and Alora Houses, found in Silizoa Forests.
  • Haem Castle, Endgame location in Silizoa.
  • Underground Camp, two variants, one without a tribesman, and one with a tribesman, the latter of which is rarer. Contains Ancient Jars which drop loot. SIlizoa location.
  • Kuori Clam, contains shell blocks, tissue blocks and eyes which give you levitation.
  • Omar's Stable, contains a horse, hay and basic horse related loot.
  • Panssarivaunu Nest, contains an egg, guarded by a Mother Isopod.
  • Nether Ruins, spawns in Nether Surface Ruins, sometimes contains a Weathered Vulcanite Block.
  • Basalt Formation, found in Nether Surface Ruins, from 1.16!
  • Nether Church, found in Nether Surface Ruins, contains a mysterious parchment that needs to be translated.
  • Nether Altar, found in Nether Surface Ancient Ruins, only spawns once, needs lightning to activate.
  • Norad's Caslte, found in Strange Forest, only spawns once.
  • Norad's Camp, spawns in deserts, only if Isac is talked to while not hostile towards knights.)

Timeless Artifacts:

These 8 items can be combined with a template to produce the spawner for the final boss of the entire mod (N.Y.I.).

  • Blessing of a Thousand Souls (Nether Surface)


  • Fish Salad
  • Samphire Leaf
  • Thistle Scape
  • Hake
  • Salted Meat
  • Beef Stew
  • Focaccia
  • Garnet Coated Apple
  • Haihtuva Spider Leg
  • Silizoa Shroom Stew
  • Fermented Eye Juice (Eww... :/)
  • Aljotta
  • Mezcal
  • Damper
  • Sogan-Dolma
  • Etc.


Modification files
Crossfate Adventures Beta 1.8.jar - Castle Update6.92 MB

Beta 1.8 (Castle Update)

-Many bugfixes and improvements.

-Added Cactus Ent, an entity that spawns in deserts.

-Added Tree Of Heaven, found in mountains, whose leaves can make herbal remedies and can also drop silkworms.

-Added Hollyhock, a plant with many cultivars found in Jungles.

-Added Wild Onion, which is found in garigue and can be used to craft some foods.

-Added Lachrymatory Secretion, a projectile item made from onions that gives blindness.

-Added Norad's Castle, along with 3 mobs to occupy it, Royal Knights, Royal Guards and Isac. Contains a lot of lore.

-Added Norad's Camp, a structure which only spawns after you've talked with Isac, where you can rescue King Norad himself and gain some spoils as a reward.

-Added Polonium, an ore that is useful as fuel for the Purifier.

-Added Alius Purifier, an item that can purify Alius infected items and blocks for energy.

-Added Plight Of Andrama, a special sword obtained if the evil path is chosen against the knights and Isac.

-Added Human Link, a special item that will be used in the future to craft the keystone to the third mod dimension, Adam.

-Added Nether Fungus Stew, which clears status effects like milk.

-Added Haihtuva Monocle, which lets you tag Haihtuva Spiders.

-Added Mud Bricks, craftable from mud blocks.

-Added Radiation Grenade, another use for polonium and kyanite.

Beta 1.7 (Plants Update)

-Added Velvetleaf, as well as some foods that can be crafted from it such as Cooked Velvetleaf Leaf and Velvetleaf Omelette. Can craft string.

-Added Wattle Trees, found in Garigue, drops Wattle Seeds, which can be used to make Damper.

-Added Sweet Acacia, spawns in Savanna and can sometimes spawn bees. Can extract black dye.

-Added Karoo Thorn, with a special referance!

-Added Cujong Bush, which can be used to tan rotten flesh into leather.

-Added Barbed Wire Cactus, can be used as a food source.

-Added Bear's Breech, can eztract pink dye.

-Added Yarrow, which can be used to make Luck Incense and Herbal Remedies.

-Added Overgrown Limestone, which can be sheared to obtain Maidenhair Leaves, which are used to craft Herbal Remedy and Antidote Bandage.

-Added Cat's Foot Grass, which can be crafted into salt.

-Added Blooming Agave, along with its components that can be crafted into various drinks such as Aguamiel, Pulque, Mezcal and Flavoured Mezcal.

-Added Mezcal Worm, a drop from Blooming Agave that can make Flavoured Mezcal.

-Added Agave Ent, a variant on the forest ent.

-Added Drunk potion effect, which gives nausea and blurs your vision.

Beta 1.6 (Nether Surface Update 2)

-Added Basalt and Polished Basalt, will be removed in 1.16 update.

-Added Nether Church structure

-Added Wart Parchment, which can be used as an alternative to paper.

-Added Written Wart Parchment, which needs the new translator text module to translate.

-Added Nether Surface Ancient Ruins, a unique biome which only contains one structure.

-Added Nether Altar, an area to spawn King Emmanuel.

-Added King Emmanuel, an invincible quest npc that rules the Nether Surface.

-Added Eye of Salvation, a tool used to free spirits.

-Added Suffering Soul Sand, a region of soul sand where spirits are especially dense.

-Added Vulcangold armor, which gives fire resistance.

-Added Vulcanite tools, with the pickaxe and sword having special abilities.

-Added recipes for decrafting garnet and kyanite blocks.

-Fixed Alora and Kilua Keyholes.

Beta 1.5 (Nether Surface Update)

-Fixed some bugs and improved some stuff.

-Added new dimension, Nether Surface, with new biomes (Nether Surface Wastes, Lava Ocean, and Nether Surface Ruins).

-Added new ores, Nether Coal and Nether Gold ore.

-Added new structures, Nether Ruins, Basalt Formations and Charred Trees.

-Added Burnt Bush, Ashy Remains and Buried Wither Skeleton, which can be found in the Nether Surface.

-Added Gold Chest, which is NYI.

-Added new stone type, Basalt.

-Added Vulcanite Blocks, Ingots and Nuggets,which absorb all surrounding heat and become insanely hot.

-Added Ashy variants of concrete powder, concrete, terracotta and glazed terracotta.

Beta 1.4 (Small Nether Update + Corn Update)

-Canaries are now tamable with seeds.

-New Silizoa mob, Mother Pansarrivaunu Isopod, who guards a nest with an egg inside. The egg can be made into an omelette.

-Added Roasted Corn, Popcorn, and Bucket Of Popcorn.

-Added a bunch of tags.

-Added a new drop from Fallen Knight, Fallen Knight's Axe.

-Added new nether mob, Feral Crimson Felid, which can be tamed with rotten flesh.

-Added Insulated Fabric armor set, which gives fire resistance.

-Added Ashy Wool, a fire resistant type of wool.

-Added Glass Tendrils, a cave plant found all over Silizoa.

Beta 1.3 (Marine and Misc Update)

-Added Nimble Spray Crab, new benthic underwater mob, drops Crab Meat.

-Added Omar's Stable structure, found in Plains and Mountains.

-Added Mahogany, Kilua and Alora Fence Gates.

-Added Block of Salt.

-Added Silica Sand, found in Silizoa.

-Added Stripped Mahogany Logs and Wood.

-Added Cooked Kuori Tissue, as well as Cooked Kuori Tissue Block, a cake-like block.

-Added Limpets, found in Stone Shores, another food source.

-Added Soup of Unity, a special food source made from Silizoa materials.

-Added Cooked and Salted Tropical Fish.

-Added Aljotta, a special Mediterranean dish that gives Dolphin's Grace and Haste for 10 seconds.

Beta 1.2 (Unity Update)

-Added Kuori Clam structure, along with Kuori Clam Eye mob, Kuori Shell Block and Kuori Tissue Block.

-Added Orb Of Unity, as well as a new mechanic, allowing the Cyanin Tribe to flourish again once the Orb has been used.

-Added Totem Of Incombustability, an endgame quest item which grants fire resistance.

Beta 1.1 (Cyanin Tribe Update)

-Added Cyanin Tribesman, found in underground camps.

-Added Spinel Ore, along with block and feather, found in Savanna.

-Added Haemerythrin Block and Haemocyanin Block

-Added Blue Slime Block, crafted from Blue Slime dropped by Tuli Slugs, set fire to entities.

-Added Translator, a key item used to translate various languages.

-Added King Eikki's Head, a new quest item drop from King Eikki.

-Added Silizoa Shroom Stew, a new food source.

-Added Ancient Jars, found in Underground Camps and depict the battle between the Cyanin and Globin Tribes.

-Added Underground Camps, with two variants, one with a Cyanin Tribesman and one without.

Beta 1.0 (Silizoa Update)

-Added new dimension, Silizoa, the silicon based planet.

-Added 8 new mobs, 2 passive, 2 neutral, 3 hostile, 1 boss.

-Added new structure, Haem Castle.

-Added many new foods, blocks and items.

-Added 3 new ores, Kyanite, Garnet, and Rhodonite.

-Added 4 new biomes for the new dimension, Silizoa Plains, Silizoa Marshland, Silizoa Forest, Silizoa Wastes.

-Added 2 new "wood" (mushroom) types, Alora and Kilua.

-Added new weapons, Silica Crystal Rapier, Edged Silica Crystal Rapier, Piiki Spear, Guardsman's Spear, Rhodonite Sword, Spiked Rhodonite Sword, Staff of Elevation.

Alpha1.7 (The Last Alpha Update)

-Added new frozen ocean structure, the Crashed Ship.

-Added Captain's Will, a new boss summoned in the Crashed Ship.

-Added Amethyst Ore, found in Taigas, which can be resonated.

-Added Botched Beacon, which explodes around it every so often.

-Added Citrine and Amethyst feathers.

-Added Fallen Blade, which summons minions upon hit.

-Added Citrine and Amethyst Blocks.

-Added stonecutter recipes for Dolerite Bricks.

-Bug fixes

Alpha1.6 (Garigue Update)

-Added new biome, the Garigue.

-Added Limestone, Polished Limestone and all its variants.

-Added Dry Soil.

-Added Rosemary.

-Added Sea Squill

-Added Giant Fennel

-Added new ranged item, Cardiac Glycosides, which applies many debuffs on hit.

-Added Spiked Swords, which can be crafted using swords and bee stingers

-Added Bees, which drop bee stingers, items that can poison but break after used.

-Added Focaccia, a new food item.

-Added Citrine, a gem found only in the Garigue biome, which can be used to make Resonant Citrine via the Paradox Reactor.

-Added Mahogany Door.

-Updated Ruby Ore texture.

Alpha1.5 (Bandits n' Guns Update)

-Added new gravel mountians structure, the Bandit Outpost, with a lore book.

-Added Bow Bandit.

-Added Crossbow Bandit.

-Added two new ranged weapons, the Flintlock Pistol and the Blunderbuss, with Lead Balls as ammo.

-Added Galena Ore and Lead, used to make Lead Balls.

-Added Canary, a passive forest mob which drops feathers.

-Added Ruby Feather and Emerald Feather, which grant fire resistance and regeneration respectively, at the cost of durability.

Alpha1.4 (Small Plants and Jungle Update)

-Added Ruby Ore, found only in Jungles.

-Added Resonant Ruby, formed by reacting ruby with an ancient alloy in the Paradox Reactor.

-Added Nether Linker, a mysterious jungle structure guarded by a miniboss.

-Added Pyramidal Orchid, a desert plant which sometimes drops its tubers.

-Added Corn, a mountain plant that grows like sugar cane.

-Added Macaque, a neutral Jungle mob that drops leather.

-Added recipes for mud.

-Added Salep and Saloop, two new foods obtained from Pyramidal Orchid tubers.

Alpha1.3 (Another Nether Update)

-Added new npc mob, found in Black Chapel.

-Added new boss mob, spawned in Black Chapel by completing a quest.

-Added new miniboss, Prison Guard, spawns in Nether Prisons.

-Added two new nether structures, the Nether Prison and the Black Chapel (spawning is bugged since nether dimensions only support underground type spawning).

-Added new nether rock formations, Dolerite, along with bricks, slabs, stairs and walls.

-Added new important item, Botched Nether Star.

-Added new block found only in Nether Prisons, Cracked Netherrack.

-Earthimated projectiles now give slowness like intended.

-Updated mud texture.

Alpha1.2 (Small Nether Update)

-Added two new nether mobs (Crazy Hood and Fleshpound).

-Added Black Fabric armor set (Heat resistant).

-Added Black Fabric (Crazy Hood drop) and Eyeball (Fleshpound drop).

-Added new ranged weapon (Wrapped Eyeball).

-Added Flesh Pound item (Spawns Fleshpound).

-Updated mud texture.

Alpha1.1 (Small Structure Update)

-Added new plains and forest structure.

-Added new trader mob, Name: CLASSIFIED.

-Added new swamp structure.

This is really good, really well polished textures and models, only one that needs work is the mud texture.