Gods And Myths (Recruiting)

Published by avila27 on Thu, 12/31/2020 - 15:30
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Whats is this mod about?

This is a mod about gods and myths, duh! haha (thats a fail attempt of a joke), well this is a project that im developing, its a mod about mythologies and its gods, semigods, demons, monsters, creatures, all of it! And im planning on adding a lot of entities and artfacts from a lot of religions and mythologies.


What does this mod adds?

Experimental - Well... this mod adds Zeus and its Axe, that were both made by me! but Zeus its WIP he doesnt attack, he have like 20 health and thats it

0.0.1 - Persephone and her set of blocks also Ares

0.0.2 - Persephone Ingot and tools, Persephone Wood, Persephone Enchant Plain biome

0.0.3 - Persephone enchanted plain - rework

0.0.4 - removed Zeus and Ares, added persephone enchanted cave biome

0.0.5 - Added Hephaestus and Forge blocks

0.0.6 - Added Forge ingot and tools

1.0 - Removed Hephaestus and related stuff, added new color and a boss fight for Persephone


How to Spawn Persephone?

First you need to find the Persephone Enchanted Plains and there you need to harvest flower to get Persephone dye to craft 2 new items


After that you need to plant the seed and for it to grow you need to right click with a gem till it reach full grow and when broken on the last stage Persephone will spawn



Whats the next step?

I need more people to help me, good people, people that have good programming skils and a good understanding of mcreator and the more important: creative people that want to make something unique!

But i still need to make a discord server, and all this stuff so yeah this is just the start hehe


My discord:


Modification files
GodsNMyths1.0.jarUploaded on: 03/05/2021 - 13:09   File size: 753.73 KB


-Removed Hephaestus and related stuff

-Added a boss fight for Persephone

-Added new Color



-Added Forge ingot and tools

-Added forge blocks recipes




-Added Hephaestus and Forge Blocks




- Removed Ares and Zeus

- Added Persephone enchanted cave biome
- Added Plants: dripping daisy and Persephone sprouts



-Added trees, boulders and bushes to Persephone Enchanted Plain biome




-Added Persephone Ingot and tools

-Added Persephone Wood and stuff

-Added Persephone Enchanted Plains biome




-Added Persephone
-Added Persephone Leaves, and Flowers

-Added Persephone Pillar and Pillar Base

-Added Ares

Cool textures :D
I like the way you combined the flowers/spring and death/underworld themes for Persephone

Hey I think you should add a food item called pomegranate and a separate item called pomegranate seeds which when eaten gives a random chance to teleport you to the underworld. If you add this can you please add the underworld along with it?

I want to contribute :D, I am interested in Greek mythology and I know many procedures

cute mod, it seems like a awesome mod, textures are nice and the mod is nice