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DISCLAIMER!:This mod was migrated to CurseForge after version 1.8 came out to help expand the audience!

Click here!:https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/utility-2

This mod adds some special items to aid you in the oh so popular game of Minecraft.

-Purpur,Copper,Emerald,Amethyst,Plastic and Craynite gear:Tired of the classic gears?,what about some more gears made out of vanilla materials?,like Copper,Emerald,Amethyst or Purpur?,or do you want something new?,like Craynite or Plastic?

-Uranium Crystals:Uranium Crystals can be used as a fuel that lasts as long as a Lava Bucket!,the difference is that it can be stacked!

-Radiation Poisoning:This effect is very similar to normal Poison,but it can only be obtained by Uranium Crystals,Uranium Infused Water or Plutonium.

-Plutonium:This radioactive fluid can be found in "The Lost World".

 -The Lost World:This dimension was decimated by the Ender Dragon,this used to be the Aether.Maybe this dimension isn’t so fictitious after all!

-Cherry Blossom Forests:A Cherry Blossom Forest is a biome with Cherry Blossom Trees.The Cherry Blossom Leaves can be broken for Cherrys.

-Cherrys:A Cherry is a new fruit in the game which can be eaten,to fill 1 hunger point...but don't eat the pits though!,accuratelly to real life,Cherry Pits are poisonous!,eating a pit will give you poison and nausea!

-Maple Tree Forests:A Maple Tree Forest is a perfect biome to survive in during halloween!

-Yaks:Bored of only the Goats spawning on the mountains?,what about some Yaks?,Yaks can breed with Tall Grass.

-"Monster Worst Nightmare" sword:This overpowered sword deals 500 damage per click!,this is a weapon that has an unbelievably fast attack speed of 2.5! You can easily defeat Herobrine with this.The only way to obtain this sword is to craft it! (with discs 11,13 and 5,a Dragon Head and a Wither Skeleton Skull.)

-Herobrine:Minecraft's own creepypasta has returned! This boss (with 500 HP) is locked and loaded for anything (or anyone) that dares to cross his path!,when he lands on the ground,an explosion is created!,if you want to defeat him instantly,get your hands on the Monster Buster.

-Ancient Hunters:These mini-bosses can spawn either alone or in a full octet! (an octet is a group of 8 people),they'll drop an Ancient Excalibur,a sword that deals 16 damage,but the only way to kill them is by using fire,direct attacks,arrows,explosions and lightning!

There are soooooo many more features in this mod! Check the changelog to see what these features are!

NOTE:Play with Programmer Art for a better experience.

Modification files
Utility+ 2 Pre-release 1.8.jar - The latest pre-release of the Utility+ 2 modUploaded on: 11/26/2023 - 15:56   File size: 338.44 KB
Utility+ 2 v.1.8.jar - The latest version of the Utility+ 2 modUploaded on: 11/30/2023 - 21:35   File size: 664.29 KB

Utility+ 2* 1.1 | "The 2009 Update":

  • Made a few re-textures.
  • Removed Craynite and Dr. Buster Brown (since the Monster Buster has a crafting recipe).
  • Added Classic Cobblestone.
  • Changed the music of the Cherry Blossom Forest biome from Meadows to "Mall"

Utility+ 2* 1.2 | "The Blast Update":

  • Added Dynamite Sticks.
  • Added Bomber Creepers.
  • Added the "Blasting" enchantment.
  • Renamed "Element 39" to "Element 115".
  • BONUS:Finally crossed 100 downloads

Utility+ 2* 1.3 | "The Combat+ Update:Part I":

  • Added three new enchantments (Toxic Punch,Glow Stab and Poisonous Bite).
  • Added two new advancements ("Dolars in the Air!" and "Full Wardrobe")

Utility+ 2* 1.4 | "The Darkness Update:Part I":

  • Added the Blinding Touch enchantment.
  • Added Ancient Urns.
  • Added Ancient Hunters.
  • Added the Ancient Excalibur.

Utility+ 2* 1.5 | "The Troll-verse Update"

  • Added a (non) Trolley Pickaxe.
  • Changed the icon of the advancement "Dolars in the Air!" from a Diamond to a dolar symbol.
  • Added a (non) Trolley Food Item.
  • Added the Trollface boss.
  • Added the Troll-verse itself and the Troll Taiga biome.
  • BONUS:Sorry for launching this update 20 days after April Fools' Day...

Utility+ 2* 1.6 | "The Darkness Update:Part II"

  • Added Tropical Beaches and Palm wood.
  • Changed many textures.
  • Added Ancient Brutes,Ancient Rushers and Ancient Clerics.
  • Added the Dark Matter Excalibur.
  • Added Coconuts and Coconut Pie.
  • Added the Orlandious-9 dimension.

Utility+ 2* 1.7 | "The Combat+ Update:Part II"

  • Added the Shulker's Blessing enchantment.
  • Added Coconut Men.
  • Added Roosters.
  • Added 2 music discs (Green Haze and Midnight Shallows).
  • Added Sculk Lurkers and Sculk Ants.
  • Added Steampunk Creepers.
  • Made custom music for the Cherry Blossom Forest and the Maple Forest biomes.

Utility+ 2* 1.8 |"The OG Update"

  • Readed most features from the OG mod! (hence the name)
  • Added the Drowned Villager and the Ender Executioner
  • Renamed the Dark Matter Excalibur to Ender Scythe
  • Remade a few textures

The reason why in the 1.8 pre-release there are no cherry related blocks it's 'cause in 1.20.1 (which is the version of Minecraft this pre-release runs on) Mojang added cherry blossom forests in the base game! completeley demolishing the purpose of adding cherry blossom forests in the mod...

when i accually tested the mod's latest version,i realised how trash it accually was! i'm so sorry for making people download the worst mod on the internet! but i will improve on the next mod:Utility+ Millenium Edition!

Stay tuned for Utility+ 2's first 1.19.4 compatible version...Utility+2* 1.8!

In less than 4 weeks,the mod already has more than 92 downloads!

Do you have any ideas for future versions of the mod? if you do reply to this comment!

oh so its all rights reserved? ill notify you when the github repo is up.

Smelting the Monster Buster in beta 1.8 gives nothing,this was just an April Fools' joke,since beta 1.8 was released April 1st (yesterday)