Basically Mods' Utility+ 2 (Open Beta)

Published by FG1000 on Sat, 03/18/2023 - 20:16
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This mod adds some special items to aid you in the oh so popular game of Minecraft.

-Purpur,Copper,Emerald and Amethyst gear:Tired of the classic gears?,what about some more gears?,like Copper,Emerald,Amethyst or Purpur?

-Uranium Crystals:Uranium Crystals can be used as a fuel that lasts as long as a Lava Bucket!,the difference is that it can be stacked!

-Radiation Poisoning:This effect is very similar to normal poison,but it can only be obtained by Uranium Crystals,Uranium Infused Water or Plutonium.

-Plutonium:This radioactive fluid can be found in "The Lost World".

-The Lost World:This dimension was destroid by the Ender Dragon,this used to be the Aether.

NOTE:Play with Programmer Art for a better experience.

© Basically Mods,All Rights Reserved

WARNING!:This mod is still in it's open betas,it may contain bugs and features that might get deleted or changed in future versions.

Modification files
Utility+_2_beta_1.0.jar - The first version of the Utility+ 2 mod!Uploaded on: 03/18/2023 - 20:19   File size: 93.01 KB
Utility+_2_beta_1.2.jar - The previous version of the Utility+ 2 mod.Uploaded on: 03/19/2023 - 19:08   File size: 220.46 KB
Utility+_2_beta_1.3.jar - The latest version of the Utility+ 2 mod.Uploaded on: 03/24/2023 - 21:56   File size: 230.45 KB