MemeTale (discounted)

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Yep, that's right, a mod about meme's.

You might be thinking "It isn't just a joke mod??". Well, not at all! this mod it's completely serious. However, I suggest to turn down your volume while playing this mod

By the mod name says, this mod add meme's in a serious way

"How do I access the mod stuff?" Simple and easy

Obtain a "Super Doritos" from a farmer. After that, make a nether portal with dirt's block instead of obsidian

Then, by using the super doritos, you can access the meme dimension!

Uganda Knuckles

An old VRChat meme, now in minecraft!

This little fellas can be tamed by using doritos. They will fight at your side to find de way once again

There's a chance than you can find a cartographer than can sell a "Uganda Book".
The uganda book cointain's the uganda language. By using it on a specific block, you can teleport yourself!

Current Block's:
Dirt = Overworld

Corrupted Meme
An unknown entity than is hostile toward the player and meme's. Killing it will drop the corrupted meme fragment. Be careful, if it kills a meme, it will corrupt that meme as well!

By using the Uganda Book, you can obtain a purified meme fragment

The animation's are made thanks to GeckoLib plugin

Modification files
MemeTale- 1.18.2 Ver. 1.0.0.jar - Testing VersionUploaded on: 11/12/2022 - 15:44   File size: 417.48 KB

VER. 1.0.0
-Mod released for testing

(note: Planning to make a new mod in the future, expect for this mod to be discounted in the time)

Update of the mod:

I've been recently busy with some work irl, but hopefully I can keep working on this mod

uganda book could be useful for quick travel through the dimensions you've been to