Boss Hunter

Published by Spyrogirl on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 23:28
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Dear Player,

I have been exploring this place far more than you, and I must warn you about the dangers that lie ahead. As you may know, mobs spawn constantly, but the main mobs' leaders live here too, all reporting to Him. My friends and I once defeated all the leaders and tried to summon Him, but when we did, He was more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. Only I managed to escape His grasp. I'm recording my eleventh and final disc that should tell you about the new leaders, where they live, their weaknesses, and how to resummon our nemesis. I bid you good luck on the journey I've failed to succeed.


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June 15, 2020: Passive Update

NEW passive mob: the Snuff (Use W. I. P.)

Biome: Cloudy Oasis, (Where the Snuff is found)

Blocks: Cloud, Misty Magnolia, Amber, barely Living Life, Luminescent Spider Eggs, Creeptonium, Glow in the Dark Slime

Food: Cloudy Fog

EDITS: The top middle space on the crafting table when making His Homing Beacon is now occupied with the Ender Dragon Egg instead of an Entity Crystal.

BUG FIX: All humanoid (Biped) mobs' textures fixed, if anyone knows how to fix the others, (e.x., Mama Bites, Jeb, Bubbles, Snuff), that would be great.

June 22, 2020: Armour Update

NEW entity Armour

FIXES: All textures are 100% fixed, Clouds can now sustain the Misty Magnolia, and He can now be summoned anywhere.

June 25, 2020: Easter Egg Update

Happy Nether Update! I'm sorry that this was published so close to it and now runs on 1.15.2, but to make it up to you, I've added brand new mobs into the different boss areas.

NEW mobs: Zombie Golem, Iron Heart, Slome, Devil Spider, and a Humuhumunukunukuablowup, (just call it a nuke fish).

NEW Items: Zombified Iron

FIXES: The Snuff now sniffs out bosses once they're in close range, (not the easiest to do, but you can now do it).

NEW Easter Eggs

Also, because my ideas for this mod are going dry, (or at least until I find a good sound recording website, if you have any suggestions, that'd be great),I'm now working on a new one, and for all you Notch fans who remember "raqreqentba", see if you can decipher the description of the Zombified Iron. That will be the name of my new mod, hopefully to be released by July.

There is also a mistake on the Gunpower skin. I was thinking about fixing it, but decided to keep it as a good gag. See if you can find it.

July 4, 2020: Structural Update

NEW Block: Sticky Silk

NEW Mobs: His Servant, His Slim Servant

NEW Structures: Fossilized Ruins, Slime Portal Bay, His Fortress, (think of it as His summer home), Haunted Cathedral, Spider Barracks, Slime Arena. More structures coming soon.

EDITS: Jeb can now spawn in the arena, and Mama Bites also spawns in the Spider Barracks.

Most appreciated. The textures are a little altered though. I've tried novaskin but when I tested it, they have no face or legs. Does anyone have any suggestions for tutorials on textures?

One thing I forgot to mention in the changelog is that I changed the recipe for the His Homing Beacon. The top middle space is now occupied by the Ender Dragon Egg instead of an Entity Crystal.

I don't know what I'm doing, clearly, as I also forgot to tell you guys that Amber, Barely Living Life, Luminescent Spider Eggs, Creeptonium, and Glow in the Dark Slime now exist in the mod as well.