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Lore: you woke up somewhere in familiar surroundings... it seems like your normal spawn. but... its missing something and you don't know what.

This mod is to add a new dimension that you can access with the price of losing your entire inventory and being unable to return without beating the game.... again.

Current Blocks

Memory Block - One of the crucial return items (or blocks)

Distorted Memory Block - Be careful with this it might do more harm than good.

Escape Device  [1.1] - Obtained from "The Author" after discovering and crafting his journal(s) (blue and green are planned to be for the player to write-in)

Current Items

Familiar Item - Another Crucial return item

UN-familiar item - Kinda Crucial but not entirely needed

Red, Green, Blue, Purple Journals - Very crucial in remembering your time before (they are the only things that won't be lost during travel between dimensions.)

Journal - Crafted with the above journals (Same function but less inventory space.) 



Here is a list:

Restart Dimension (planned for 1.2)

Return Mechanic ( planned for 1.2)

Book Writing (Hiatus, Enjoy a two-page story outline instead )

"The Author" Mob

Ruined and rebuilt Villages ( planned for 1.3)

Villager Mobs (planned for 1.3.5?)

95% of the story

Another Disclaimer

So due to me running out of ideas, 1.3 may be the final big update..... in the meantime, I will work on something else to get my creative juices turning... also due to other things (mainly school) I will not be as active anymore and there will be more time between updates.

Modification files
Restart V1.0.jar - Restart Pre-Beta 40.35 KB
Restart V1.1.1.jar - Restart Pre-Beta - now with page switch bug ( avoid the journals for the time being)82.96 KB

V1 - Release - Restart Pre-Beta

 - Added all of the items and blocks that were in my head ( Details in Description)

V1.1- The story Update - Restart Pre-Beta

- Added story GUI to the journal item

V1.1.1 - Bugfix Update - Restart Pre-Beta

[BugFix] - Fixed a bug that messed up the way the GUI showed

- Added the Second page to journal. third and fourth are inaccessible for the time being

Nice idea :)
How would you get back though? I doubt you can access the Nether or the End from a custom dimension