Spirit Mod: Stage One, Update 3

Published by Cryo on Sat, 02/16/2019 - 10:29
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  • Story

Stage Zero

  • Today I saw a cotton growing near my house, it is very strange to see it here. However, it makes a very strong fabric, so making armor from this substance will not be such a bad idea...
  • Coming into the quarry today, I discovered a new crack leading into a small mine. There I discovered three new ores, I decided to name them - Cobalt, Mithril and Adamantite...
  • Also, the tools of these metals are much more effective than mine and maybe finally I can get an obsidian...

Stage One

  • When I started researching the obsidian portal, I suddenly discovered a strange anomaly. Suddenly, where came the cries of people. When I decided to see what was inside, I saw a terrible monster! It's asleep, but I think in the minerals of this dimension, I've discovered an ore that makes any living thing Wake up. Maybe we should Wake him up.
  • These Cultists walk in robes, so even the face is not visible. I managed to kill one with a Night metal sword. Looks like he dropped a pentagram, maybe they have something to do with it? I think I'll check it in my home world.
Modification files
Spirit-Mod-One.jar - 0.1.0317.61 KB
Spirit-Mod-One-Update-3.jar - 0.1.2 Latest version397.57 KB


Added Devil Mask (Helmet)

Fixed Devil's damage

Lowered the damage of Cerberus

Lowered the damage of Swords


Added Hell Spider

Added Devil Cultist

Added Mini-Boss Devil

Added Full set of Night instruments 

Added Full set of Hellfire Instruments

Added Pentagram

Added Hell String


Added Mob - Demon

Added Boss - Cerberus

Added Night Ore

Added Night Ingot

Added Night Silk

Added Night Beam (Sword)

Added Night Robe

Added Hellfire Ingot

Added Hellfire Robe

Added HellYeah! (Sword)

Added HellFire Pickaxe

Added Cerberus Soul

Added Achievements

Remade ore spawn

Oh, I forget to balance Ore spawning. Well, today i'll fix it!

Thanks! Well, due to the fact that I can't run the mod test in Mcreator, the new version will wait a bit, but tomorrow it will definitely come out.