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I'm making a mod based on the game Changed by Dragonsnow with the music composed by Shizi. I will be trying to update the mod regularly but I can't promise anything as I am not a licensed developer. The entire version list is in the link in "".


As of now, the mod includes:

    Two entities


        White Goo Blob

     Three blocks

        Save Station


        Caution Floor

    Twenty-five Disks

        All the songs from the game!

(I pray I remember to update this list as I go X3)

Right now this is a creative only mod, although I do plan on making it a Vanilla+ mod eventually.

If you find bugs (on the newest version) comment on the Google drive file in the version list or message me at u/AthenaTheProto or shoot me an Email.

    -Athena <3

Modification files
readme.zipUploaded on: 07/10/2022 - 08:01   File size: 1.7 KB

0.2.0 Added Black Goo, White Goo Blob (Broken), Drain (Broken), and Puro

0.2.2 Added Caution Floor, Save Station (Unfinished); Fixed White Goo Blob and Drain

0.2.3 Changed White Goo Blob behavior (Minor); Save Station UI Debug Added (Temp, Minor)

0.3.0 Music Update; Complete OST added