Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Mod

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A little mod based on Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken with Mob , Armor and Weapon

[If you want a Character or an Item/Weapon/Skill/Magic leave a comment]


-Magic Crystal Ore

-Magic Crystal Block

-Magic Crystal

-Rimuru Tempest Armor

-Rimuru Tempest Mob 

-The Sword of Tempest (+in Scabbard) 

-Shizue Izawa Armor

-Shizue Izawa Mob 

-Shizue Izawa Sword 

-Rigurdo/Rigurd Armor

-Benimaru Armor 

-Benimaru Mob 

-Crimson Lotus Edge (+in Scabbard)

-Souei Armor 

-Souei Mob 

-Shion Armor 

-Milim Nava Armor 

-Milim Nava Mob 

-Creation Skill 


-Black Lightning 

-Hell Flare

-Dragon Nova 

-Flight Magic 

-Cloning Skill

-Water Blade 

-Goblin Sledgehammer

-Other World Dimension

-Other World Igniter

-Dimension Traveler

-Dimension Frontier

-Other World Tree (Wood and Leaves)

-Gazelle Dwargo Armor

-King Gazelle Mob

-Kaijin Armor

-Kaijin Mob 

-Ogre Eater (In Scabbard)

-Ogre Eater (Shion Sword)

-Shion Mob

-Spawner Creation

-Milim Nava Spawner Item

-Rimuru Tempest Spawner Item

-Shizue Izawa Spawner Item 

-Souei Spawner Item

-Benimaru Spawner Item

-Shion Spawner Item 

-King Gazelle Spawner Item 

-Magic Attack 

-Hakurou Armor

-Hakurou Mob

-Hakurou Spawner Item

-Goblin Village Structure

-Goblin Village Spawner Block 

-Rimuru Tempest (Slime Form) Mob















Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development


-Goblin Village Structure Added
-Goblin Village Spawner Block Added
-Rimuru Tempest (Slime Form) Added
-Hakurou Spawner Item Craft Added
-Fix some problems with Spawner Item


-Hakurou Armor Added
-Hakurou Mob Added
-Hakurou Spawner Item Added
-Fix some problems


-Shion Mob Added
-Spawner Creation Added
-Milim Nava Spawner Item Added
-Rimuru Tempest Spawner Item Added
-Shizue Izawa Spawner Item Added
-Souei Spawner Item Added
-Benimaru Spawner Item Added
-Shion Spawner Item Added
-King Gazelle Spawner Item Added
-Magic Attack Added
-Ogre Eater name changed to Ogre Eater In Scabbard
-Ogre Eater (Without Scabbard) Added


-Kaijin Armor Added
-Kaijin Mob Added
-King Gazelle Mob Added
-Ogre Eater (Shion Sword) Added

v0.2.3 v2

Conflict ID with Overlord Anime Mod Fixed

v0.2.3 (First Public Release)

-Magic Crystal Ore Added
-Magic Crystal Block Added
-Magic Crystal Added
-Rimuru Tempest Armor Added
-Rimuru Tempest Mob Added
-The Sword of Tempest (+in Scabbard) Added
-Shizue Izawa Armor Added
-Shizue Izawa Mob Added
-Shizue Izawa Sword Added
-Rigurdo/Rigurd Armor Added
-Benimaru Armor Added
-Benimaru Mob Added
-Crimson Lotus Edge (+in Scabbard) Added
-Souei Armor Added
-Souei Mob Added
-Shion Armor Added
-Milim Nava Armor Added
-Milim Nava Mob Added
-Creation Skill Added
-Predator Added
-Black Lightning Added
-Hell Flare Added
-Dragon Nova Added
-Flight Magic Added
-Cloning Skill Added
-Water Blade Added
-Goblin Sledgehammer Added
-Other World Dimension Added
-Other World Igniter Added
-Dimension Traveler Added
-Dimension Frontier Added
-Other World Tree (Wood and Leaves) Added
-Gazelle Dwargo Armor Added

Modification download files

Submitted by Titoo8899 on Sun, 10/21/2018 - 09:00

Yeah your second Mod and it looks cool.

Submitted by Titoo8899 on Sun, 10/21/2018 - 09:12

On this Link can you my Crash Report see. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PtXWPpcb4UCBRz2xKQKQbTch4bTC_t1mSNARnNVwsZY/edit

Link work not but this link work for the Google Docs who my report of crash is. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PtXWPpcb4UCBRz2xKQKQbTch4bTC_t1mSNARnNVwsZY/edit?usp=sharing

Submitted by Titoo8899 on Sun, 10/21/2018 - 16:20

Thanks for this update. I works now fine and have no Problems more. And I find the mod very cool. Make more I download all versions then it comes out. :D

Submitted by Titoo8899 on Sun, 10/21/2018 - 16:23

And a other think with this icon can you see that I write why I love Minecraft and I love Watch Dogs 1+2

In Skill/Magic there is Hell Flare : A Big Explosion , Dragon Nova : A very big explosion , Flight Magic : You can Fly , Predator : More damage than Sword , Cloning Skill : Spawn a Rimuru to help you (You are supposed to be Rimuru) and Black Lightning : A little explosion and lightning. In Weapon there are Rimuru Sword (The Sword of Tempest) , Shizue Izawa Sword , Ogre Eater (Shion Sword) , Crimson Lotus Edge (Benimaru Sword) and Goblin Sledgehammer. (The mask in the middle is the Anti-Demon Mask)