Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Mod

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A little mod based on Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken with Mob , Armor and Weapon

[If you want a Character or an Item/Weapon/Skill/Magic leave a comment]


-Magic Crystal Ore

-Magic Crystal Block

-Magic Crystal

-Rimuru Tempest Armor

-Rimuru Tempest Mob 

-The Sword of Tempest (+in Scabbard) 

-Shizue Izawa Armor

-Shizue Izawa Mob 

-Shizue Izawa Sword 

-Rigurdo/Rigurd Armor

-Benimaru Armor 

-Benimaru Mob 

-Crimson Lotus Edge (+in Scabbard)

-Souei Armor 

-Souei Mob 

-Shion Armor 

-Milim Nava Armor 

-Milim Nava Mob 

-Creation Skill 


-Black Lightning 

-Hell Flare

-Dragon Nova 

-Flight Magic 

-Cloning Skill

-Water Blade 

-Goblin Sledgehammer

-Other World Dimension

-Other World Igniter

-Dimension Traveler

-Dimension Frontier

-Other World Tree (Wood and Leaves)

-Gazelle Dwargo Armor

-King Gazelle Mob

-Kaijin Armor

-Kaijin Mob 

-Ogre Eater (In Scabbard)

-Ogre Eater (Shion Sword)

-Shion Mob

-Spawner Creation

-Milim Nava Spawner Item

-Rimuru Tempest Spawner Item

-Shizue Izawa Spawner Item 

-Souei Spawner Item

-Benimaru Spawner Item

-Shion Spawner Item 

-King Gazelle Spawner Item 

-Magic Attack 

-Hakurou Armor

-Hakurou Mob

-Hakurou Spawner Item

-Goblin Village Structure

-Goblin Village Spawner Block 

-Rimuru Tempest (Slime Form) Mob















Modification files
TenseiShitaraSlimeDattaKen-1.12.2-0.2.4.jar - Download 0.2.4Uploaded on: 10/22/2018 - 05:43   File size: 1.33 MB
TenseiShitaraSlimeDattaKenMod-1.12.2-0.2.5.jar - Download 0.2.5Uploaded on: 10/23/2018 - 08:03   File size: 1.4 MB
TenseiShitaraSlimeDattaKenMod-1.12.2-0.2.6.jar - Download 0.2.6Uploaded on: 10/24/2018 - 08:00   File size: 1.44 MB
TenseiShitaraSlimeDattaKenMod-1.12.2-0.2.7.jar - Download 0.2.7Uploaded on: 10/25/2018 - 06:13   File size: 1.49 MB


-Goblin Village Structure Added
-Goblin Village Spawner Block Added
-Rimuru Tempest (Slime Form) Added
-Hakurou Spawner Item Craft Added
-Fix some problems with Spawner Item


-Hakurou Armor Added
-Hakurou Mob Added
-Hakurou Spawner Item Added
-Fix some problems


-Shion Mob Added
-Spawner Creation Added
-Milim Nava Spawner Item Added
-Rimuru Tempest Spawner Item Added
-Shizue Izawa Spawner Item Added
-Souei Spawner Item Added
-Benimaru Spawner Item Added
-Shion Spawner Item Added
-King Gazelle Spawner Item Added
-Magic Attack Added
-Ogre Eater name changed to Ogre Eater In Scabbard
-Ogre Eater (Without Scabbard) Added


-Kaijin Armor Added
-Kaijin Mob Added
-King Gazelle Mob Added
-Ogre Eater (Shion Sword) Added

v0.2.3 v2

Conflict ID with Overlord Anime Mod Fixed

v0.2.3 (First Public Release)

-Magic Crystal Ore Added
-Magic Crystal Block Added
-Magic Crystal Added
-Rimuru Tempest Armor Added
-Rimuru Tempest Mob Added
-The Sword of Tempest (+in Scabbard) Added
-Shizue Izawa Armor Added
-Shizue Izawa Mob Added
-Shizue Izawa Sword Added
-Rigurdo/Rigurd Armor Added
-Benimaru Armor Added
-Benimaru Mob Added
-Crimson Lotus Edge (+in Scabbard) Added
-Souei Armor Added
-Souei Mob Added
-Shion Armor Added
-Milim Nava Armor Added
-Milim Nava Mob Added
-Creation Skill Added
-Predator Added
-Black Lightning Added
-Hell Flare Added
-Dragon Nova Added
-Flight Magic Added
-Cloning Skill Added
-Water Blade Added
-Goblin Sledgehammer Added
-Other World Dimension Added
-Other World Igniter Added
-Dimension Traveler Added
-Dimension Frontier Added
-Other World Tree (Wood and Leaves) Added
-Gazelle Dwargo Armor Added

On this Link can you my Crash Report see. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PtXWPpcb4UCBRz2xKQKQbTch4bTC_t1mSNARnNVwsZY/edit

Thanks for this update. I works now fine and have no Problems more. And I find the mod very cool. Make more I download all versions then it comes out. :D

And a other think with this icon can you see that I write why I love Minecraft and I love Watch Dogs 1+2

In Skill/Magic there is Hell Flare : A Big Explosion , Dragon Nova : A very big explosion , Flight Magic : You can Fly , Predator : More damage than Sword , Cloning Skill : Spawn a Rimuru to help you (You are supposed to be Rimuru) and Black Lightning : A little explosion and lightning. In Weapon there are Rimuru Sword (The Sword of Tempest) , Shizue Izawa Sword , Ogre Eater (Shion Sword) , Crimson Lotus Edge (Benimaru Sword) and Goblin Sledgehammer. (The mask in the middle is the Anti-Demon Mask)

how do you get the other world igniter in survival
if you cant, can you make a crafting recipe for it

Nice mob !!!! I love it !!!! Ohhhhh How did you make the skills that when the lightning strikes and the explosion happens, the player doesnt get damage ?

are you going to add more?...like the ones from the webnovel or the LNs...i rly want to see daiblo, veldora and his sisters and especially the Veldora Sword!! that was cool...you should add a dimension for the dungeon and the coliseum you should put the four heavenly kings there as boss mobs (benamiru,gobuta,gobuta with ranga armor,daiblo) ,Yuuki as a final boss like mob like you should first fight yuuki on his normal not yet op form then a possed form(velda) then final yuuki (the one from the end part of the WN) and dont forget the Angels! , saw what you did on the overlord mod it was very cool there you should add 'downfall of castle and country'...