Troll Hunters (Diggle's Version)

Published by diggle on Thu, 10/24/2019 - 15:01
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A mod based on the Netflix show- Trollhunters. I mad all the texture with the help of templates this means they are not the best however I wanted to publish to get feedback and help. If anyone has any suggestions please notify me. thanks :D


Mark 4 is here!

Side note: I added the daggers to both the Angor Rot amulet and the Eclipse Amulet!

This update includes my first attempt at a structure. This structure is supposed to be a dead Troll Hunter turned to stone  (as shown in episode 1 of the Netflix series)

If found this structure has a block inside that give the player the Amulet of Daylight.

This in turn gives a custom achievement giving permanent effects even without the suit on (obviously not as good as the suit effects) .

this is a little buggy however so if you find any bugs at all please leave a comment and I will try to fix it ASAP

Thanks :D




There are bugs how ever once you have the amulet its easy to make spares just place in the crafting grid then place the result in the crafting grid ;D


This mod adds in numerous items such as;

The Amulet of Daylight

The Amulet of Eclipse 

The Amulet of Daylight (Angor Rot addition (adds helmet))

and The Darklands

I would suggest using the JEI mod with this mod so that you can see the crafting recipes for yourself.  


Also if I update the mod it is most likely to be removing bugs or adding items so please make sure your version is up to date.

thank :D





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Please can you add some screenshots and explain what the mod adds in the description?