Lost Blades

Published by Fredzik on Sat, 07/02/2022 - 20:02
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Curseforge page: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/lost-blades


Lost Blades is a (currently) small mod aiming to add some vibrant Terraria inspired content. As for now the mod gives You 2 unique weapons found through exploration.



Current features:

Sword Shrines

sword shrineSword shrines are a new uncommon structure found underground at almost all Y levels. The swords can only obtained by mining them with an Iron pickaxe or better! They come in 2 variants each has a different sword impaled into a stone:


- Enchanted Sword

enchanted swordHas regular attack speed of 1.6 and deals 7.5 hearts of damage in melee. Has 1287 durability points and an enchantability value of 22 making it good for actual enchanting :) Swinging the blade will occasionally shoot a low ranged magic projectile that deals damage to enemies.

enchanted sword demo


terragrimSlashes very rapidly with around 7 points of attack speed but has significantly lower attack damage of 5. Has the same durability and enchantability as Enchanted Sword. A great weapon for dueling.

terragrim demo


If You find any bugs let me know!



- Fredzik22:

Mod author, textures, models,

- MCreator:

A cool software which allowed me to make this mod :),

- Re-Logic,

The beautiful game Terraria I was inspired by :D




Q:What the heck happened to Undead Expansion?! Where update?

A:Calm down. It's almost finished. There are couple of things I have to remake and add.

Don't worry, I won't abandon this mod. Please, be patient :)

Q: Will you port it to 1.19.x?

A: When MCreator will support these versions there's a big chance for a port.


A:Not planned.

Q:Can I use it in modpacks?

A:Sure, just credit me

Q:Can I repost this mod?

A:Only with my permission.


 Have fun playing :D

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LostBlades_1.18.2_1.0.0.jarUploaded on: 07/02/2022 - 20:07   File size: 120.83 KB


Mod created!

This mod is small but amazing. I love your work and the textures look amazing. How’d you make that slashing particle on the terragrim

This mod is brilliant, may i ask how you managed to make the sword projectile unspammable as this is something i have been trying to ahchieve for a while now, Thanks for this mod and any advice :D

Thanks. I simply made a potion effect called cooldown (while active the projectile cant be launched) and whenever you shoot the projectile you the effect is applied for a few ticks to limit the shooting speed. Hope it helps

very cool, i have an idea for a sword that is only found in the nether and its like a black sword that gives the wither effect

Hey, an annoying question: Are there any chances of this mod being backported to 1.16.x?

This mod looks great and the pixel art is amazing. I can't wait til more updates are released!

Do you guys have any plans for adding the Arkhalis?