Berry Bush Mod

Published by 42506 on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 23:47
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The 2.0.1 Update - Barrel Comeback! -The Seed I used was (-8889994857194666259)

If you think that Minecraft food is too uncooperative, then let me introduce you too the new food type : berries!

This mod adds a new biome, bushes, and a new fruit to the bushes, berries!

Hey! I plan on adding strawberry bushes in the mod, and I'd like your feedback. Download my .zip file in the description first though. Here's the Link:…

Once I close the form, I will update the mod. If no one submits a response, I will decide on my mod textures on my own.

Changelog Navigator : 

: Major Mod Updates / 2 : Small Mod Changes / 3 : Mod Forum change


This Mod Was Made With MCreator

Modification files
Berry Bushes Mod (2.0.1) Mcreator V 1.8.1.jar - 2.1.0 - Barrel Comeback!177.55 KB
Survey - For My Survey! Limited Time!4.66 KB

2.1.0 - Barrel Comeback!

- Mod Changes

  • Added Barrel Crafting Recipie

- Notices

  • Barrel has NO Function yet

2.0.0 - Overhaul!

- Technical Changes

  • Changed Changelog Layout

              - Changed "Mod Additions" to "Mod Changes"

              - Changed Changelog Update Layout from Top-Bottom to Bottom-Top

              - Added Update Descriptor Tab: "Notices"

  • Changed Mod Images
  • Changed Release type to "Alpha"
  • Added Description Piece, confirming the making of this mod

- Mod Changes

  • Removed ability to walk through Bushes
  • Added Wine Bottle
  • Added Rasberry and Blueberry Wines
  • Added Rasberry and Blueberry Seeds
  • Added Rasberry and blueberry Bare Bushes
  • Added Barrel (Textures and Function inspired from the 1.14 Snapshots)
  • Added New Structure: Wine Hut! (No, I'm not telling you what's in the chest)
  • Added New Structure: Berry Bunch! (Basically, where you get Berries from)

- Notices

  • Barrel has NO Function yet
  • Barrel has NO Crafting Recipe yet

1.3.1 - Caution!

- Technical Changes

  • This mod was made with Mcreator 1.8.0, warning.
  • Version 2.0.0 of my mod, made with Mcreator 1.8.1 is coming!

1.3.0 - More boring updates

  • Changed Versioning Description

1.2.1 - Don't Mind Me

- Technical Changes

  • In Description, added Changelog Navigator

1.2.0 - Berry Trees Are Falling Down

- Mod Additions

  • Changed Berry Trees to Bushes

- Technical updates

  • Changed Mod File Naming System
  • Updated Screenshots

1.1.2 - Exclusive Announcements

- Exclusive announcement :

  • My next mod in the upcoming future : Survival Hacks and Cheats!

- Technical Updates :

  • Re - formatted the whole Changelog

1.1.1 - Exclusive Announcements

- Exclusive announcement :

  • My next mod in the upcoming future : Nether Survival!

1.1.0 - I'm Back!

- Technical Updates

  • Added proper backgrounds
  • Changed the way I format the Changelog

- Limited Addition Announcement!!

  • From 1.0.1 to 1.2.0, I'll be showing screenshots of my upcoming mod ideas!

1.0.1 - The end?!

- Technical Updates

  • Admin unpublished my mod
  • Unavailable for some time
  • Will be updated next chance I get
  • Exclusive announcement : My next mod in the upcoming future : Nether Survival!

1.0.0 - Slight Additions

- Mod Changes

  • Changed Berry Biome sky color

0.0.0 - The Beginning

- Mod Changes

  • Added Blueberries
  • Added Blueberry Bushes
  • Added Rasberries
  • Added Rasberry Bushes
  • Added Berry Biome

Sorry for anyonr following my mods, I am really busy and will hopefully be going FULL STEAM AHEAD on updating them in January after New Years. For a specific date, after January 11th.