Published by Logabrick2 on Mon, 10/11/2021 - 19:38
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Minecraft Forge mod
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The first iteration of my first mod! I thought the end looked a bit bare, so I added some new ores and 2 new mobs with really unoriginal designs :). All sprite models were hand made by me, and I think they look pretty cool. There is a lot of explaining to do if you want to understand this mod. First of all, there's Extranium ore (Pink). This must be mined with a netherite pickaxe, and it can give you up to 3 Extranium shards. Using the crafting recipe, you can create one ingot. There's a lot you can do with that, but it's not the only tier of weapons and armoury you can get. By pouring a molten Extranium bucket over a netherite ingot (Smithing table) You can get 1 omega shard. Using 4 of those, 4 Extranium ingots and a diamond block, you can make 1 omega ingot. It doesn't stop there. If you've made it this far, be impressed with yourself, or just stop here and stick with the omega tier of armour and weapons. If you want to progress FURTHUR, well... Using an Extranium pickaxe, you can mine the blue ore, called Fusion ore. Smelting it will give you ingots, and you need 9 of those to make a fusion block. There's nothing else you can do with the ingots at the moment. Using that, you can put the block in a smithing table with a nether star to get an infusion block, and if you put that in a smithing table with an omega block (9 omega ingots) You get 1 infusion ingot. These will allow you to make the god tier of weapons and armour. The God armour isn't too good so instead you can use all 4 pieces to craft a charm that gives you resistance 1000 :). If you read all that, enjoy the mod.

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Extranium Mod.jar - The mod (Duh)242.17 KB

First iteration

Only know glitch: Ender king spawn rate and texture. Meant to be pretty rare but spawns frickin everywhere. Texture got messed up, still working on it.

the items textures are pretty cool, but I think the Blocks need more dithering