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Adds Vanadium


-Vanadium Ore 

-Vanadium Block

-Vanadium Weapons

-Vanadium Armour








If the mod if going to be unpublished, let me know a weeks ahead of time before you remove.                                                                                                   .

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This mod, unfortunately, in my opinion, is weak. All you did was click the ore package and choose a color. The raw material is not interesting because all it does is add new tools and armor. Look at my mods I try to make each raw material have interesting mechanics and something that makes it worthwhile to mine the mineral.

But then again, the vanadium item texture was'nt generated. I made it based of a real picture of vanadium. I know it doesn't make a difference, but still, what else could you add? I just wanted to add another very strong yet real metal to the game, because iron is mid, and netherite dosent actually exist, so....