Got The Stones

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Got The Stones is a mod that adds a bunch of new stones into the game. This mod was inspired by the old Underground Biomes mod by Grom_PE who took inspiration from Exterminator Jeff. All recipes are compatible with mods like JEI.

There are 3 different types of stones;

  • Sedimentary - Found from 128 down to 90
    • Has a 5% chance to drop a fossil that can be crafted into bone meal
      • Limestone
      • Chalk
      • Shale
      • Siltstone
      • Lignite
        • drops smaller pieces of lignite that can then recraft the block and can be used in a furnace
      • Dolomite
      • Greywacke
      • Chert
    • Metamorphic - Found from 90 down to 45
      • Gneiss
      • Eclogite
      • Marble
      • Quartzite
      • Blue Schist
      • Green Schist
      • Soapstone
      • Migmatite
    • Igneous - Found from 45 down to 1
      • Red Granite
      • Black Granite
      • Rhyolite
      • Gabbro
      • Basalt
      • Komatiite
      • Dacite

The Metamorphic and Igneous stones come with cobblestone, brick, and slab variants. But sadly, since the Slab in MCreator don't really work all that well without proper coding I had to create two separate blocks. A Top Slab and a Bottom Slab. All cobble variants can also be used to make stone tools.

Modification files
Got The Stones 1.0.0 1.12.2.jar - Got The Stones 1.0.0 1.12.2934.12 KB