Imperial Ores Mod: Monster Update

Published by BloqueioBr on Wed, 07/01/2020 - 12:48
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Well ..... I forgot my account password (Shardox), so I'm in my old account posting this new update [] I ended up losing almost 60 downloads of my mod ... now that I've explained the situation I can continue with the description without being accused of plagiarism or anything else.

official site: Click Here to go to the imperial ores mod's website (The site is out of date with current updates!)


A Mod that adds ores and some items.


     This mod have +318 elements, including swords, tools, armor, entities and a new biome, among these entities are two new bosses, a semi-boss (which does not contain a boss bar) and 6 more mobs, I will show you the more interesting things from the following mod, if you want to know how to play enter my mod official website:
but remember that it is somewhat out of date, I will update the even after posting this mod.

Remember to always check the changelog, there may be information that does not contain in the description.


Next Update

in the next update I intend to balance the damage of the weapons in relation to the bosses, even because ... with just a few golden apples and ruby ​​items and with the feather falling enchantment in the boots you can easily defeat the Ender Dragon, it may be that after defeating the Ender Dragon you have a percentage of 10% (or 5%) to go to The Primordium Dimension (I just got this idea xD) and just there you get the ores of the mod, this would balance the mod too much and it would be like a vanilla addition, for items and blocks like hellstone ore, hell pack etc. it would have something like a kind of nether biome in Primordium Dimension, or it could even create another dimension, like UnderNether, or Hellish Nether... whatever.

I was also convinced that I could create a texturepack to overlay the items/blocks of the mod that are not updated in relation to the texture of 1.14.4, just as I tried to mention in the first comment of the mod (example: hellstone and enderium ore/emerald items and armor, ruby ​​items and armor, steel items and armor) maybe the rest I leave as is, that is, I change only the items that are in parentheses, or maybe I should just give a slight modification to all items other after those mentioned in parentheses to look more vanilla (this new texture from 1.14.4 is very difficult to reproduce, I will have to totally change my pixelart style, but I will try to adapt, if the textures look good I add the texturepack+mod to a .zip file remembering that the texture will only change the items of the mod, that is, you can use a texture under or above it that nothing will change [only the items of the mod]).


primordial-house(This is not the final version of the textures shown in the image, everything you are seeing is in the pre-alpha version, can be changed or completely reformulated.)


(This is not the final version of the textures shown in the image, everything you are seeing is in the pre-alpha version, can be changed or completely reformulated.)

I am already starting, as you can see in the image, to make the Primordium Dimension, it will probably still take a while for me to finish this update, in the meantime, I will be posting images about how it is getting on. Extreme decrease in damage. (Excalibur now deals 19 attack damage.)

Possible additions:
Boss - Armored Phoenix or Phoenix
Boss Drop: Item - Fiery Metal Shards
Tool: Sword - Phoenix Feathers


Starting in Mod

At the beginning there is not much to do, you will usually get wood, stone, iron, etc. until you get to the diamond, after you make a diamond pickaxe you have to go to a mountain biome (formerly known as extreme hills) and get emeralds.

Remembering that in this new version you need the diamond items to make the emerald items (just put a diamond item, for example the diamond sword next to an emerald on the crafting table, thus forming the emerald sword)


The Reddish Forest

  • Now that you've found emeralds and have the pickaxe, let's go to the Crimson Forest, where the bloody monsters, Werewolves and Ghosts live, but it doesn't matter, because what we're looking for is in the forest's underground, where there are the red diamonds, but known like Rubies!

Fighting werewolves can be a difficult task, because in addition to being fast and strong, he walks in a group, like wolves, Werewolves also have werewolf pack. As you can see in the image, I summoned only one werewolf, and it was very difficult, I had to use 7 golden apples, and it also damaged my shield and armor.


We need to go deeper: after mining a lot of gold!

It is highly recommended that you get regeneration items before you go to mining hellstone (like golden apples), because when you start to break this ore, besides you burn infinitely (or almost) you will also die to hellblaze, effect that takes away 1 heart per hit.


Craft the magma pickaxe is very important, because it is the second best pickaxe of the mod it can break any ore, like hellstone and enderium ore, it only loses to the obsidian pickaxe, but they are practically the same tool.

The Hell Pack

  • after getting the Hellstone Armor, go to The End, and get Enderium Nugget, with nine of them you make the Enderium Ingot on the crafting table, and with eight Enderium Ingots and a piece of hellstone armor, you make the enderium armor , comes close to the obsidian armor.



The Ender Pack

  • One of the strongest combinations, almost capable of causing damage to Herobrine, a sword of +40 attack damage and +160 of defense armor, but it is still not enough ... You will need an obsidian armor and Starflames Blade to kill Herobrine, or even something higher than that, since True Herobrine cannot simply be killed for this, you will need the enchanted Heroic Armor (the strongest armor of all, surpassing the Obsidian Armor) and the Dragon Heart, if you don't die with just one hit, you'll also need Enderium Apples, the regenerative item stronger than the Enchanted Golden Apple.

Remembering ... the more advances you complete, the more craftings you release.


[More images will be posted here in the description later]

If in the mod or description there are typos, please understand that I am not a Native American and also have no extensive knowledge of the English language.

Modification files
Imperial Ores Mod mc1.14.4.jar - Monster & Creatures Update (Incomplete Version 1)4.07 MB
Imperial Ores Mod mc1.14.4.jar - Monster & Creatures Update (Incomplete Version 2)4.07 MB
Changelog mc1.14.4

  • Description: Incomplete version, I intend to add more things in the future, however here I am making this version available.
  • Bugs: Warrior Elves do not attack werewolves or any other entity; The item:Magma Fragment can be extracted from block:Hellstone Ore by any weaker pickaxe than magma pickaxe..
  • Errors: makes the game crash when it comes in contact with some entities of the Crimson biome.

Herobrine was added.

Entity Type: Boss

True Herobrine was added.

Entity Type: Endgame Boss mc1.14.4

  • Description: Incomplete version, I intend to add more things in the future, however here I am making this version available.
  • Bugs: Warrior Elves do not attack Werewolves or any other entity; hellstone ore bug has been fixed.
  • Errors: N/A mc1.15.2?

  • [...]

If possible, post your opinions about the mod and suggestions about it here in the description. I will be grateful to receive constructive criticism about the mod, and I will also begin to create an overlay texture that you place over your standard texture to update the mod's outdated textures.

if this isn't a really late-game mod, make the werewolves a lot weaker. the ghosts look great! also, the tool packs aren't very creative, but i like the hellblaze effect.

Thanks for the feedback, I fixed the damage and the life of the werewolves, about the tools I really wasn't very creative when I decided to create them; I'm planning on a new dimension: The Primordium, bringing a lot more to the mod, I'm thinking of you having a 50% chance of starting in that dimension instead of the normal world (overworld) living up to its name "The Primordium, the beginning, etc. ", I intend to make a dimension similar to the aether, or maybe something more divine...

I was thinking now, that it would be a difficult dimension, she would not have a portal to enter, she would only be accessed by this 50% luck, in it you would receive ultra-rare items that will be used much later, but this will only be only 1% of that dimension, i have great expectations about that dimension, let's see if I can do something interesting.

Cool mod and logo! :D
The images in the description don't load to me though :(

I think I found the reason, maybe it’s because the images are too heavy and it takes a while to load them, it just happened to me when I went to the site and the images were not there, I tried to restart the page but nothing happened, so I went edit the page to see if the images were there, and they suddenly started to load and appear even after I saved them.

that is, maybe if you wait a little bit I think they carry it.