Mo' Ore's And Tools Mod

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All of this lays in your hands! Just comment below what you guys think of it and if you want it or not, it's your decision. If it would happen it can take up to more than a month(uhm I think) or even longer, why you might ask? It's because I need to redo the whole mod only for 1.7.10 I can't export/import the files from 1.10+ to 1.7.10 because of the old mechanics and the differences between the versions.
But I will do it with all my pleasures if you guys want the 1.7.10 version to be real.!


v3.2.9 is out!
With some things fixed, changed or debuffed.

What's in the update:
- Armor texture's fixed.
- Simpler way to get dust!
- Xeno is now neutral, not passive.
- A bucnh of new metals/alloys/gems!
- Normal Minecraft chainmail is now craftable!
And more.!


How I count the mods version:

Version name of the mod: 2.1.9. Why you might ask? I do/count it so; 1.2.3. The 1 stands for the version of Minecraft and the mod that is going to update to a new Minecraft version, the 2 stands for 11's first 1, the 3 stands for the second 1 of 11.
I hope you would understand me, and I know that's not how you do it but... I do it like that okay?
But overall big mod update and much to discover.. On a day I would like to make some structures with the blocks that the mod adds, but I need help with that.
Also what would you think of achievements for the mod? Must I add achievements or not? Please lett me know.


This is my best mod for now!
The mod adds a bunch of stuff to your Minecraft!
The mod has some ores that are generated in the overworld and in the nether!
Here are some ores:
Nether Tin Ore
Tin Ore
Nether Copper Ore
Copper Ore
Black Pearl Ore
Blue Pearl
And More!

There are also some Items! Like:
Strong String
A Lighter... But for what?

Also my other mod called; SupG NL's Crazy Mod, everything of that mod is also in this mod as well! Isn't that great?!
Plus I've added some new items/materials to this part of the mod as you can see thanks to the
pictures. I've also updated some of the old textures.
like for example:
Wooden Gear
Stone Gear
Iron Gear
SupGreen Gear
Rubien Gear
and some thing called: Long Stick(this is needed to make Wooden Gears)


If you see any bugs.. Just report them to me, I'll see and fix the problems that you had/have.
I'm also very sorry that it took so long to update the mod. Sorry.

Hi guys, I'm also working on something with Tinkers Contruct, I thought that it would be nice to use also my metals in the smeltery of TiC.
But there is just one thing and that is, that I don't really know how to do that. And with that said IS THERE ANYBODY who knows how to it?
If so, please I would like to know it..

And there is much much more in the mod!
JEI (Just Enough Items) regonize most of the recipes of the mod, and that's very handy!
The mod is still in development, but you can download the oldest and the latest update always. So stay tuned for more updates!


Thanks Eccentric Emerald for newer showcase of the mod (note: Eccentric Emerald is/was Emerald Memories) But overall is this a great video!

Thank you Emerald Memories for the mod showcase (note this is not latest version of the mod!).

This is a Spanish mod review/showcase of the mod (as you can see this is not the latest version)
But thank you DollerPro for the video.



- Mojang, for Minecraft itself!

- MCreator, letting me use it to create the mod.

- SupGamer_NL, for making the mod!

- ektod, for making the textures.

- XavierDD1st, for coding the mod. (Like the Ore Dictionary)


Modification files
MOAT(Mo' Ores And Tools - 1.12.2 - v3.2.9 Nature Update v.2).jar - (NEW) This is the latest version of the mod for mc 1.12.2, I've added some new blocks and some items (NEW)2.24 MB
MOAT(Mo' Ores And Tools - 1.11.2 - v2.2.9 Nature Update v.2).jar - (NEW) This is the latest version of the mod for mc 1.11.2, I've added some new blocks and some items (NEW)2.23 MB
MOAT(Mo' Ores And Tools - 1.12.2 - v3.2.82 Little Blocks).jar - (OLD) This is an old version of the mod (OLD)2.08 MB
MOAT (1.11.2 - v2.2.9 Natre Update v.2).mcr.mcr - (NEW) This is the latest and newest MCR file of the mod, you can customize it how you want! (NEW)2.06 MB

The mod is mostly downloadable for Minecraft 1.12.2 but if you want the 1.11 or 1.10 versions check out the Curse site of the mod there you'll find more updates of the mod!

Man You Are Very Good With Creating The Textures. If U Have Skype, Maybe We Can Work Together.

Hey guys, I have a question for you.. Can one of you make a mod spotlight or tutorial of my mod?