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This mod adds a Fire Armor, some Tools and Weapons and also Blocks and Items

-The principal ore is the Fire Soul Ore, wich drops itself and spawns naturally (altrough the probability might be changed)

-The secondary ore is the Nether Fire Soul Ore, wich spawns naturally in Nether (altrough the probability might be changed)

-The tertiary ore is the Ender Fire Soul Ore, wich spawns naturally in the End (altrough the probability might be changed)

-By melting the 2 ores, you will get the Fire Soul

-With the Fire Soul you can craft the Fire Block, wich appart from using it from crafting the Fire Tools and the Fire Armor you can use it as Decoration

-With the Fire Block and Fire Soul, you can craft the Fire Blocks: Fire Lantern, Fire Pillars, Fire Glass...

-Also you can craft bedrock with the Fire Block, Diamond Block, Emerald Block, Gold Block and the Iron Block

-There are some legends about a Fire Biome, in which some special creatures live on it...

-Press M to open the Fire Mod GUI

-English Language supported

-Spanish language supported! | ¡Idioma Español soportado!

There are new features that are not included in this description, you will have to discover them by yourselves! Any suggestion is welcomed! :D

Modification files
Fire Mod 2.0.0.jarUploaded on: 05/25/2019 - 14:34   File size: 2.93 MB

Welcome to Fire Mod 2.0.0! Here is a List of Some Changes:

  1. Deleted Magma & Lava Tools and Armors
  2. Added Fire Cobweb
  3. Deleted Fire Diamond
  4. Added Fire Hammer
  5. Major Improvements
  6. Added Ender Fire Soul Ore
  7. Improved Creative Tab
  8. Improved Achievements/Advancements
  9. Added Fire Hammer (May Not Work as Expected)
  10. Added Fire Anvil (WIP)
  11. Updated to MCreator 1.8.3
  12. Improved Fire Biome
  13. Added Fire Sapling (Has a Little Bug but you can get used to it)
  14. Improved Master Fire Sword
  15. Added Translations for other Spanish-Speaking countries (They might not be accurate)
  16. Improved Fire Propellant
  17. Improved Fire Pearl
  19. Improved Fire Bow Texture

  20. Reduced Power of the Fire Bow

  21. Fixed Recipe Bugs