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Minecraft Forge mod
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Chem Craft - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

Chem Craft adds over 108 out of 118 elements from the periodic, each one with a unique texture and application to help the player progress further with technology

It Adds 194 Blocks, Including Technology, Ores, And More

Some Additions Include

-Nuclear Fission And Fusion Bombs


-Radios (Wireless Redstone Communication)



-Steel, Bronze, and Tungsten Carbide


-Scientifically Accurate Nuclear Power Sources For Furnaces

-Realistic Radiation Damage And Cancers

-Realistic Ore Generation From Where They Spawn To How They Spawn

-Fossils and Fossilized Bones

-Complex Radioactive Decay Chains 

-Raw Ore Counterparts (For Example Ores Dropping Raw Items Such As Raw Copper, Raw Tungsten, Raw Iron)

-Neutron Capture and Isotope Production

-Over 350 Recipes

-200 Additional Items

-150 Internal Procedures



What Separates This Mod From Other Technology Mods On Mcreator Is That I Dedicated Heavy Research To Modify Processes To Be As Realistic As Possible While Still Being Fun Attainable And Keeping The Minecraft Essence


This Mod Is Not A Copy Of Minecraft Education Edition Rather A Reimagining, It Is Also On CurseForge With Over 2.5k Downloads, But I thought I Would Publish It On Here To Reach A Bigger Audience

Modification files

Great mod, I suggest you make a better showcase of it in the description. Can't wait to see where the goes in the future :D