Ples - adds Armor Ore Enchants and Much More!

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Ples For Minecraft 1.15.2-1.16.4

Minecraft Mod that adds Armor, Ore, Enchants and much more
Website with recipes:

Change Log:

V 0.3 Added

1.16.4 Support

Enchant Vein Miner

Cobalt Ingot, Nugget, Ore, Block (No use yet)

Ore Finder, Ruby Chest, Ruby Axe, Ruby Shovel, Ruby Broadsword, Flint and Ruby

Stone Log, Stone Leaves, Stone Grass,

Miners Dream Dimension Use Steel Blocks in the nether portal form and use a flint and ruby to light it.


V 0.2 Added
Steel Blocks

Enchantments:Life Steal I and II, Auto Smelt,
Armor With Potion Effects:
Helmet - Night Vision
Chestplate - Haste
Legs - Extra Health
Boots - Speed,

Fuser Table

Ruby Ore


Ruby Hammer

V0.1 Added
All 16 dyes of planks, Beef Stew, Steel Armor, Steel Ore, Raw Steel, and Steel Carbon

Made by smokinpatty & ples modding team - Website with recipes:

Donate Link -
Download gets updated at least once a week here on the official discord
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Thanks To mcreator for there mod program

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Sorry for the inconvenience but downloads are not updated here please download on curseforge here for the latest version!