Hexy Advance

Published by Vitalex on Thu, 06/03/2021 - 09:59
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Hexy Advance is a mod for minecraft 1.16.5, which will dilute the situation of the game world for years. The mod will add new features, blocks, ores, structures, and more! It is localized for Russian and English languages. At the moment, the modification is in develop, but now you can play Minecraft with this mod.

Hexy Advance is a very diverse mod. Here you can survive as usual, collecting unusual ores, or make mechanisms that will help you in this. If you are tired of ordinary survival, you can use the canvas to show creativity! Also, at the moment, the modification adds 18 new interesting achievements, the implementation of which can become the goal of your survival.

Advancements pages (17/18)


The mod adds two new very different biomes: Boutland (burnt outland) and Baobab Grove. If in the second there are ordinary (really tall) trees, then in the first it will be a difficult task to survive, especially at night. In Boutland, there are completely no friendly mobs, there are only neutral (Asher) and aggressive (Big Asher).

Baobab Grove


Boutland and Big Asher

As mentioned earlier, the mod will add new ores and resources. In the mines you can find two new ores: Tungsten and Pridanen. The first is used for strong armor and weapons, the second to create a ring with which you can cause an explosion with a radius of 5 blocks, but be careful, because this explosion will also affect you. When mining Pridanen, do not use Iron, Diamond, Gold, Rootenblock and Tungsten picks, because after that the ore will explode!

Tungsten items and blocks

Pridanen items

Also in the baobab grove, you can find Rootenblocks under the baobabs themselves. You can cut them with the help of objects made of Onily.


There is also a separate "mechanical" branch of modification. Rod-Accepters will, as the name implies, convert the energy of special rods, which are obtained using the Concentrator.


(Right to Left): Default; Water; Antigen; Explosive Substance; Concentrator; Pointer (using for Explosive Rod-Accepter)

Water Rod-Accepter (6 charges) clearing Rooten Plastine for crafting Rooten Armor and tools

Antigen Rod-Accepter (2 charges) create anti-version for Pridanen to create Anti-Blast Glasses

Explosive Substance Rod-Accepter (1 charge) will spawn explosions within a radius of 31 blocks in the direction where the Pointer is installed

Concentrator create Rods from flasks-version of materials

Modification files
Hexy Advance Beta 1.4.0.jar - Beta 1.4.0 [ Explosive Update ] for MB

- Added 1 new biome-Baobab grove, where you can meet two new trees - Baobab and Saxaul.

- Added all types of tree block for Baobab and Saxaul

- Added Iron and Netherite hammers. You can use this in crafting and for getting Explosive Resin from Saxaul.

- Now you can use barks like a fuel for furnaces.

- Added Moss, which generating only in Snowy Tundra!

- New food type - Moss Stew.

- Now all log, planks and barks from mod-trees will be make default trees items.

- Now you can make Onlily Glue, using Onily petal and Moss.

- Changed texture of Rod-Accepter.

- Added 2 types of Rod-Accepter - Antigen and Explosive Substance.

- Added 2 types of Rods - Antigen and Explosive Substance.

- Added 3 types of flasks - Water, Antigen and Explosive Substance.

- Now you can clear your brush using water flask.

- Now you can make Rods for Rod-Accepter using Concentrator.

- Added Pointer for "Rod-Accepter (Explosive Substance)"

- "Rod-Accepter (Explosive Substance)" will be destroyed 31 blocks on Ray which you show with Pointer.

- Added Pridanen - new mineral and ore.

- You can make Pridanen ring, which will explode territory in radius 5 blocks.

- Pridanen Ore will blast if you mining this with Iron/Gold/Diamond/Netherite/Rooten/Thungsten pickaxe.

- Added Anti-Blast Glasses which make from antigen Pridanen (Anti-Pridanen). It can help you, when you use Pridanen ring.

- Added recipe for Rod-Accepter

- Added 6 new advancements: [Explosive Joke]  [Explosive Joker] [Like a real!] [Unkillable!] [Show me my way] [Invincible!]

- Fixed mini-bugs

- Added support for Minecraft 1.16.5!