The Aesdamant

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A very, very early version of the mod im working on.

[Made for 1.12.2, created in MCreator 1.8.3]

Uploading it mostly for testing and just for fun.


  • A new ore - Aesdamant. Mined drops the aesdamant gem.
  • Mining the aesdamant ore with silk touch and smelting it outputs a plain aesdamant ingot which combined with some gold dust makes an aesdamant ingot.
  • The Void Ore dimension - currently the frame is made out of bedrock (will be accesible in survival in the future.)

NOTE: Even if there is an aesdamant ingot, it doesn't mean there are tools, armor etc. Again, a very early version.

Have a nice day btw!

Modification files
The Aesdamant alpha 0.1.2.jar - Alpha 0.1.2 [1.12.2] 125.87 KB
The Aesdamant alpha 0.1.1.jar - Alpha 0.1.1 [1.12.2]104.1 KB
The Aesdamant alpha 0.1.0_04.jar - Alpha 0.1.0_04 [1.12.2]98.7 KB
The Aesdamant alpha 0.1.0_01.jar - Earliest avaliable: Alpha 0.1.0_01 [1.12.2]98.79 KB

Alpha 1.1.2


Testing out trying to upload my mod on mmmm ok lol