The Aesdamant

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A very, very early version of the mod im working on.

[Made for 1.12.2, created in MCreator 1.8.3]

Uploading it mostly for testing and just for fun.


  • A new ore - Aesdamant. Mined drops the aesdamant gem.
  • Mining the aesdamant ore with silk touch and smelting it outputs a plain aesdamant ingot which combined with some gold dust makes an aesdamant ingot.
  • The Void Ore dimension - currently the frame is made out of bedrock (will be accesible in survival in the future.)

NOTE: Even if there is an aesdamant ingot, it doesn't mean there are tools, armor etc. Again, a very early version.

Have a nice day btw!

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Alpha 1.1.2


Testing out trying to upload my mod on mmmm ok lol


Nice mod, but please can you explain what it adds in the description?