Klsts' Cave Biomes!

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This mod adds 7 new Underground Biomes, with new blocks, entities and more!

The biomes are: 

Mushroom Caves

-Mushroom Caves: A fungi rich biome where  only spawn Endermen and Endermites

 Roaming the caves you can find Rotten and Evil Shrooms, wich are hostiles to the player and other pig related mobs

Rotten ShroomEvil Shroom


Magmatic Chambers

-Magmatic Chambers: A hot biome with a new type of sand: Black Sand

 In this biome, the Wither Frisp, a wandering spirit, will spawn. Will attack players and some ice related mobs such as normal Frisps or Polar berars.

Wither Frisp



Eroded Caves

- Eroded Caves: Another hot biome with traces of water and a new cactus type!

 In this biome the Cactortoise will spawn. But don't get tricked by their appearence! They are neutral, and when attacked will shoot their spikes.




Slime Caverns

- Slime Caverns: A biome filled with slime related blocks and with an extra Emerald Ore.

   A small relative of ancient Sauropods has been discovered here: the Slimosaurus. This neutral mob doesn't like Witches or Rotten Shrooms and will chase them. When fed with honey blocks they will lay an egg, wich will hatch an tameable version of the Slimosaurus!




Cold Caves

- Cold Caves: A cold biome with a lot of ice related blocks.

 A cold version of the Wither Frisp lives in this caves: the Frisp. They will attack players, Wither Frisps and other hot-related-mobs. Their attacks will create a sphere of ice wich decays in a few seconds.




Meat Pit

- Meat pit: A rotten biome filled with Zombies and Skeletons.

 Rarely, a Tendril made of flesh will spawn in the pit.


When triggered, you have a few seconds before it will mutate into the Living Flesh, a powerful creature wich is hostile towards players, Villagers and Golems.

Living Flesh



Crystal Deposit

- Crystal Deposit: A grassy biome with lots of Spinel Crystals.

  In this biome, living chunks of rock and spinel known as Livingstones. This neutral mobs will deteriorate when damaged, loosing attack and size. They will attack Cactortoise naturally.           




This mod also adds a new GeodeGarnets!

Common Garnet Geode

Garnet Geodes came in 5 different varieties:

- Red: The most common. Generates only in Deepslate

- Orange: generates only in Magmatic Chambers and Eroded Caves

- Green: generates only in Slime Caverns

- Blue: generates only in Cold Caves

- Silver: generates only in Meat Pits and Mushroom Caves

Garnets can be used to decorate or can be used to craft a new Material: Crimson Gold. This material can mine in a little area and the armor provides Resilience PointsResilience will stop mobs attacks and only dealing 1 damage if you have full HP.

Crimson Gold gear

Crimson Gold can be later enhanced using a Netherite Ingot.



And for last, some new Villager Trades & a brand new Villager Job:

Geologist & the Geologist Table

The Geologist. Bys and sells some items and mineral based rocks of the mod. The job block is the Geologist Table


Other trades:

-Clerics can buy Cactortoise Scutes and Putrid Flesh Blocks

- Butchers can buy and sell Slimosaurus Meat




Added new structures: Garnet Dungeons. Their Garnet Bricks color and loot depens of the 7 cave biomes.

Garnet Dungeon

Garnet Dungeon

(An example of color change)


Thanks for checking out my mod! If you like it or want to tell me something feel free to leave a comment below, I love having feedback!

Some of the other stuff I made:

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Curseforge link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/klsts-cave-biomes

Modification files
klsts_cave_biomes_1.0.0_0.jar - ReleaseUploaded on: 01/07/2023 - 10:40   File size: 1.29 MB
klsts_cave_biomes_1.19.2-1.0.1.jar - 1.19.2Uploaded on: 05/22/2023 - 16:17   File size: 1.27 MB
klsts_cave_biomes_1.19.2-1.1.0.jar - 1.19.2 - totems updateUploaded on: 07/04/2023 - 12:26   File size: 2.85 MB
klsts_cave_biomes_1.2.0_1.19.4.jar - 1.19.4 - 1.2.0 - the mob update!Uploaded on: 10/09/2023 - 07:14   File size: 4.94 MB


- Added new Crimson Gold Totems.

- Added extra damage to Crimson Gold Weapons depending of negative height.

- Improved Cave Biome generation and features.

- Added new blocks: Bloodstone and Bloodstone Bricks

- Added new plants/fungi: Flesh Flower, Orange/Yellow Mushrroms.

- Added  new fluid: Quicksand (in Eroded Caves).




- Added new biome: Crystal Deposit

- Added new biome-based-mobs:

   - The Rotten and Evil Shrooms spawn in Mushroom Caves

   - The Slimosaurus spawns in Slime Caverns

   -  Frips spawn in Cold Caves

   - Wither Frisps spawn in Magmatic Chambers

   - Cactortoises spawn in Eroded Caves

   - Livingstone spawn in Crystal Deposits

   - Tendrils spawn in Meat Pit and can spawn (when triggered) the Living Flesh  


- Added a Bestiary (contains brief info of the new mobs)

- Added new Villager Job: Geologist (the job block is the new Geologist Table)

- Added new totem: Totem Of Assistance

- Added small dungeons underground: Garnet Dungeons

- Added new Potion: Potion of Resilient Shield (can be brewed with any garnet and mineral oil)

- Added Spinel, and Spinel related blocks.

- Added Mineral Oil

- Added new liquid: Magma

- Added 6 corundums wich can be used to enchant the Crossbow in the Geologist Table/ enhance Reinforced Crimson Gold Sword/Axes 

- Added new Garnet Ore (it NOT replaces Garnet Geodes)

- Added new blocks

- Added new Crossbow Enchantments: Freezing Point, Magmatic Barb, Wicked Shot, Traction Arrow, Spiky Pellet and Toxic Spore

- Added Cactortoise Shell (upgrade of the Turtle Shell)

- Adjusted biome generation

Hey klsts! I was wondering if you would want to collaborate with me to work on a project I am creating called "The Chronic Of Vaellenthar"? I saw that you had created an adventure mod similar too the theme I want to create with my mods and I was wondering if you would want to help? If so please contact me at skullmage@gmail.com. Have a great day!

hi, i'm here to ask about eye blinder enchant, how it work and that use for what tool? , im tried to armor and sword ,but not work