The Beyond Lands

Published by Ro... on Sun, 07/26/2020 - 04:35
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Dimension now have a Sun (in a dark day) and Moon (Really dark night)

Desert of Hell Biome

Saharic Ore, Rare ore that can be find in Desert of Hell, will drop Saharic

Saharic, have no use for now, will be use to upgrade dametium tools.

Boat, don't work well.

Boss Dungeon: Golemore and Wydra, Dungeon must be find.

Dungeon Spawn Block, these are block that can be find at the middle of the boss room. Right Click this block will summon the Boss 

Bucket, Don't work for now.


Lucky Box now work. You have a chance to earn a something and a chance to earn nothing. all the surprise are not craftable. These box are looted by boss.


Most of the mod don't move correctly, i will try to fix it in next update

Wermem don't spawn

This dimension is not really playable in survival because of the lack of mob. There will be more in the next update. The problem is the lack of idea.


Welcome to The Beyond Lands, a world different of the overworld, this world is dark, You can find many boss and hostile creature.

How to get in this Dimension, First of all, you need to get in the end, after, you have to kill Ender Mage, those Mage will drop Wyvern Shard.

Once you get 18 Wyvern Shard, you should craft 2 Wyvern Essence. 8 Netherrack and 1 Wyvern Essence to get 10 Beyondlands Portal Block and 1 Wyvern Essence + 1 iron ingot to get a Wyvern Ingot. Using your Wyvern Ingot with a flint, you can get a Wyvern Flint and steel.

Now, just make the same frame of a nether portal with the Portal Block and right click with the Flint and steel to enter the Beyond Lands.

This mod is just an Alpha, For now, the dimension is pretty empty (less than Alpha 1.0) , but this will be fixed. Bug can be find, please tell me in the comment if you find any. For now, only 5 mobs can be found, The Wermem, The Befish, Worms, Sandronic and Sand-Thrower.

This Alpha include 2 boss. For now, boss don't have any abilities, but in future version they will have some.

When in the dimension. make sure difficulty is set to Easy, Normal or Hard, or Boss won't spawn

When you enter the dimension, you may be teleported somewhere far of the portal, this will be fixed in MCreator 2020.4

¨Please don't dislike the mod. for now its only an Alpha, that mean way more in next version.

Please tell me in the comment if y should activate the fog anywhere.

Here is the forum used to add idea:

Modification files
The Beyond Lands -Forge 1.15.2 - Alpha 1.0.jar - Alpha 1.0Uploaded on: 07/26/2020 - 05:13   File size: 1.61 MB
The Beyond Lands -Forge 1.15.2 - Alpha 1.5.jar - Alpha 1.5, Have bugsUploaded on: 07/31/2020 - 14:03   File size: 1.86 MB

Thank you, this is only the alpha, im working on adding more boss, there are just stronger and stronger, but i will make ability for them in future version, but stay ready for the Release version!

My PC ran into a BSoD. and i lose all my data. including my Workspace. that why im working on a new mod. The Beyond Lands II