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Ever wanted some more magic in your world? this mod attempts to invoke a mystical, magical feeling, 


So far this mod Includes:

- 1 dimension

- 1 overworld biome

- 10 dimension exclusive biomes

- 3 dimension exclusive elf house structure variants 

- 1 dimension exclusive hostile mob structure

- 1 Boss

- 1 set of Armor/tools

- an extra sword and pickaxe, [rare boss drop]

- 3 enchantments, (1 boot, 1 melee, 1 chest)

- a few items

- 85 blocks

- 4 advancements

- 13 mobs (3 shop elves, 5 citizen elves, 1 hostile elf in the nether, 1 zombie elf, 1 2 Stage Golden Orb Weaver Spider Boss, and a corrupted pixie)

- 1 music disc (with original music made by myself!)

- 2 in dimension music tracks

- below average quality mob voice acting done by myself



Curseforge Link: Elvenation - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

I've Decided i'll Update this mod here until 1.0.3 is the earliest version of the mod available here! (since it feels much more solid than the others)

Modification files
Elvenation-1.16.5-1.0.0_0.jar - Original ReleaseUploaded on: 05/17/2021 - 05:57   File size: 8.25 MB
Elvenation-1.16.5-1.0.1_0.jar - 1.0.1 "the bugsquash update"Uploaded on: 05/17/2021 - 05:57   File size: 8.27 MB
Elvenation-1.16.5-1.0.2_1.jar - 1.0.2 "World Gen Update"Uploaded on: 05/17/2021 - 05:57   File size: 8.31 MB
Elvenation-1.16.5-1.0.3.jar - 1.0.2 "The Golden Update"Uploaded on: 05/20/2021 - 03:18   File size: 17.96 MB


- fixed spawning of the following blocks in the elvenia dimension:

Light Elvenrock

Elvenrock Dense Diamond Ore

Item Crate

All Elven Crystals (pure elven crystals generate now, more rare than others) (Pure and thunder crystals Now Generate in the end)

Now Generating Underground For Scenery:

Elven Soil

Purple Sand

- Elven Crystals Are now placable on more stonelike blocks



-- MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS: Huge Change in world/biome generation in the Elvenia Dimension (i apologize if somehow this breaks anything in your old worlds, i refreshed (removed then re added) the list of biomes that spawn in the dimension and now they spawn more naturally for some reason)


- Elven Marsh

- Elven Hotlands

- Elven Ocean


- Fire Temple Now Spawns Only In Elven Hotlands, But is more common


- Superheated Elven Rock, When stepped on will hurt you, and boost you into the air, Exclusive to Elven Hotlands Biome


- Removed A broken error message when selling shards to the magic elf

- Fixed Hellf AI, now attacks player, and villagers on sight, spawns naturally in new Hotlands Biome, Will Join Pillager Raids, And will Despawn On Peaceful Difficulty

- Corrupted Pixie should Be Slower And Possibly Spawn in Bigger Groups (+1 max per group from previous max per group) 

- Elvenwood Sapling should no longer Be Flammable

- Elvenrock And Light Elvenrock can be crafted into cobblestone



- Golden Elven Forest Biome (once again i probably made chunk issues for old worlds, this is probably the last biome for a while though)

- 25 new blocks

- Rotten Elf (elf zombie)

- 1 2-stage boss (Golden Orb Weaver Spider)

- 2 rare boss drops (sword and Pickaxe)

- 1 new boss structure (may spawn weirdly, may fix it later)

- Reworked Structures for a more natural spawning

- Lots of Item Tags For Addon Creation (if that's possible, i'll test and then share the results on my channel probably) Link to my channel: ElrickTheElf - YouTube

- Lightning Strikes now Cause The Shock Potion Effect


- probably something i forgot to list here


this will be the last big content update for a while, i'm burnt out on working on this mod, it's my fault though, don't overwork yourselves guys :)

enjoy the update! feel free to make videos on it! i'd love to see what you think!


i will likely make a tutorial for this mod later! it's got some strange recipes

Even though it will be, please do take the time to thank MCreator for making this mod possible, and consider donating to them to help them keep this awesome platform around and growing!

This mod looks really cool! But I don't like how the elf is higher resolution than Minecraft's 16x16

I love how intense and beautiful colours you chosen (gold and green are just stunning). The gold one is just perfect addition to gold blocks I have in my mod - I will finally be able to build my beloved dwemer underground city from Elder Scrolls series * . * out of curiosity, are these gold stone renewable somehow, or is it just "what you mined, it's yours"? I'd love some farming mechanic for them! (same for green, haha)
And last but not least, would you be interested with cross-compatibility feature by chance? ^^

Thank you! The gold stone is not renewable but there should be a good amount of in in every Golden Elven Forest Biome! later i may add a sort of way to farm it! and i am unsure what you mean by cross compatibility :) haha

Sure, until there is no renewable source, I will dig forests, haha. But it would be cool if you add a way to farm it, I love building farms to gather building blocks :D
And I'm explaining right away, don't worry! In my mod there's a block that kills night mobs - you know, it's tough to make your base spawnproof, and it is really helpful! You don't need to place torches everywhere as well, so it looks cleaner. And lately I added the possibility for other mods to include their own mobs!
So you can add hostile mobs spawning at night/in your dimension to the "list" that will be killable :) it's really easy!
If you decide you want that, I will explain everything technical ^^