Tellow Biomes

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Tellow biomes is a very WIP mod that hopes to transform your worlds in imaginative ways. I aim to add a surplus of Fantasy biomes, though there are only four right now. Every update I hope to add some form on new content, whether it be new biomes, biome revamp, small biome updates, or just adding a few blocks to finish a set. 


Beta 1.3 will be released  in segments.

Beta 1.3.0 is the core release, with the new biome and inventory restructuring.

Beta 1.3.1 Adds saplings, taiga rocks in the weeping swamp, and large heuming shrooms in the haunted woods.

Beta 1.3.2 will fix errors in block names (Most of them left over from Beta 1.0 :/) And have a sneakpeak at a release 1.0 biome- I will add a few blocks from it, and see if its possible to make it generate in only a single biome world. (more info on that soon)

Beta 1.3.3 will add a few variant biomes (Same core idea but with slight changes) and possibly another release 1.0 biome sneakpeak- same way as before.



Release 1.0 plans to add at least 5 main biomes. This is going with me wanting to steer this mod into a more mainstream biome mod direction. This will mean I will have both more realistic inspired biomes and more fantasy ones at the same time. I will keep them balanced (Give or take a few, variants don't count) and I will try to at least make the more realistic ones more fantastical than their real world or other biome mod counterparts. 

This update will make the mod much more inspired by Biomes O' Plenty, Oh The Biomes You'll Go, Generic Eco, and Matter of Form. This means that this mod will have biomes that have similar concepts/blocks as other biome mods. 


This mod will not update to 1.17, but instead skip to 1.18. 1.17 is virtually half an update and 1.18 releases in only a week as of writing this. That and I don't feel like restructuring my 1.17 ports in this mod for a little while.


Modification files
Tellowbiomesbeta1.1.jar - Beta 1.3.1 (The Saps and Shrooms update)3.85 MB
Beta1.3.1.jar - Beta 1.3.1 (The Saps and Shrooms update)4.36 MB
Beta1.3.0_0.jar - The first beta 1.3 release4.25 MB
Beta1.2.jar - Beta 1.14.04 MB


   Beta 1.3.1: Saps and Shrooms 


Saplings for Willow, Haunted, and Amythetical Trees

Adding sapling characteristics to Fori Sapling

**I know about the sapling offset. This is the only way I know how to create working saplings. If you have a way to get rid of the offset, I would greatly appreciate it if you comment down below (can be a video link)

Large heuming shrooms in the haunted woods

Heuming Stem, Thin Heuming Stem

Heuming Cap, Heuming Cap Slab


Beta 1.3.0- Getting things ready


New biome: The garden

New blocks: Flower petals (5 colors)

New block- Flower Stem

New blocks- Red Wall Mushroom(s)


Fori forest changes

New stone type: Brimstone; found in caves of fori forest

New rare structure: Forious Temple: Similar to jungle temple but a little worse


Restructures entire inventory to follow the biome order of /locatebiome


Beta 1.2- The Cursed Update

    Increased frequency Fori Forest generates

    You can actually Strip Fori Log and Wood now.


     Added the Haunted Forest biome:

     New Haunted wood type

     Watching log/wood (animated textures)

     Haunted soil

      Heuming Shroom

     Haunted Growth

     Tall Haunted Growth




Beta 1.1- Way larger then originally intended


Weeping Swamp:

Completely remade the custom tree structures

Buttons and pressure plates for Willow planks, Polished mustone

Muddy brick wall

Door and trapdoor for Willow planks


Amythetical forest:

Tweaked Amethyst planks texture

Redid Amethyst moss texture

Completely remade the custom tree structures

Wall fungi

Small scale Amethyst Geode port (pre smooth basalt)

Hydrothyst Geode

Amberthyst Geode

Tuff stone type

Calcite stone type

Amethyst family

Hydrothyst family

Amberthyst family

Added Taiga rocks

Button and pressure plate for Amethyst Wood, Polished Amythetical Stone

Door and trapdoor for Amethyst wood



Fori Forest


Fori wood type

Wetheral Stone type



Beta 1.0


-Two biomes: The Weeping Swamp and Amythetical Forest

-Two wood types: Willow wood type, Amethyst Wood type

-Two stone types: Mudstone, Amythetical Stone


I agree that the logo is sick! I'd request you though to change its background, because our guidelines are against white backgrounds :< I hope it is not much of a struggle, thanks for consideration!

Logo got my attention, but then i was honestly disappointed...
Consider adding some picture of the biomes, it would be nice ^^

Yeah, good job! You should improve a little the colour of the amythical forest because Its a little monocromatic, but awesome work ^^