Dark Vs Light

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Welcome to the Dark Vs Light Mod,

This mod is based upon a war that started a long time ago. A war that cut Dark and Light In half. They left each others Dimensions and continued the war over and over. Bosses will be there to take you out and not make balance to the world again. Will you be able to bring balance well lets find out.

Modification files
DVLAlpha.jarUploaded on: 11/26/2020 - 06:56   File size: 4.49 MB

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This Update:


Coming to the next update:

+ New Darkend Shovel and its recipe

+ Enlightend meter

+ Sweet Glow Berry and its recipe

+ New Darkend Flowers

+ New creative catagories

- Diamonds from coming out of the Stone Plated Dark Stone

+ Burn Diamonds(Ore, Armor, Ect....)

- Guardians can no longer spawn in Glow Forests