Any Dimension Mod

Published by luxluxdev on Fri, 03/22/2019 - 12:41
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Create dimensions made out of any block!

Ever wanted to see an entire dimension made out of gold? Maybe diamonds? Or just dirt? Or maybe.. TNT?!! Well I present to you, Any Dimension Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2!

Thanks to the success of this same mod I made almost 4 years ago, I have finally decided to remake it for Minecraft 1.12.2! You can find my older version (for Minecraft 1.7.10) on curseforge here. It has accumulated over 480 000 downloads since 2015! Thanks a lot guys for downloading this mod and I hope you are all enjoying it :3


List of Dimensions
unknown stone granite polishedgranite diorite polisheddiorite andesite polishedandesite cobblestone mossycobblestone grassblock dirt coursedirt oaklog sprucelog birchlog junglelog acacialog darkoaklog oakplank spruceplank birchplank jungleplank acaciaplank darkoakplank sand redsand gravel tnt cobweb ironblock goldblock diamondblock emeraldblock lapislazuliblock redstoneblock quartzblock obsidian brick glowstone magmablock haybale netherbricks rednetherbricks purpurblock slimeblock sealantern prismarine prismarinebricks darkprismarine bookshelf craftingtable glass wool0 wool1 wool2 wool3 wool4 wool5 wool6 wool7 wool8 wool9 wool10 wool11 wool12 wool13 wool14 wool15 glass0 glass1 glass2 glass3 glass4 glass5 glass6 glass7 glass8 glass9 glass10 glass11 glass12 glass13 glass14 glass15 clay clay2 endstone endbricks glazed0 glazed1 glazed2 glazed3 glazed4 glazed5 glazed6 glazed7 glazed8 glazed9 glazed10 glazed11 glazed12 glazed13 glazed14 glazed15 snow ice ice2 concrete0 concrete1 concrete2 concrete3 concrete4 concrete5 concrete6 concrete7 concrete8 concrete9 concrete10 concrete11 concrete12 concrete13 concrete14 concrete15 powder0 powder1 powder2 powder3 powder4 powder5 powder6 powder7 powder8 powder9 powder10 powder11 powder12 powder13 powder14 powder15 stonebricks chiseledstonebricks bedrock terracotta0 terracotta1 terracotta2 terracotta3 terracotta4 terracotta5 terracotta6 terracotta7 terracotta8 terracotta9 terracotta10 terracotta11 terracotta12 terracotta13 terracotta14 terracotta15 fenceoak fencespruce fencebirch fencejungle fenceacacia fencedarkoak fencegateoak fencegatespruce fencegatebirch fencegatejungle fencegateacacia fencegatedarkoak sponge


You can get my mod on PlanetMinecraft here:

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