Published by Dicey on Mon, 02/01/2021 - 04:13
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This mod stars the Ether, a brand new end game dimension, this dimension has three biomes. The Soul Sea is a giant ocean of pure ether with little to no life. The Forest of souls is a thick forest full teeming with Banshees and Will-O-Wisps. The Ether wastes are desserts dominated by the mighty Drow and their Lords. this mod also adds a main mechanic that I suspect you will find incredibly annoying, ether drain. in this mod, your experience bar is your "ether" if it hits zero, you die. the Drow and many ether weapons drain experience quickly on contact or use. experience farms are advised. as dangerous as the Ether is it boasts many rewards as well, rocking three end game items granting massive power in exchange for experience.


item uses:

Soul's Aegis, this item negates all damage when in your mainhand.

Banshee Scream, it launches an invible projectile that deals a lot of damage and a massive amount of knockback on use.

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Nice mod, but does it have to be Ether? Please make more original name.