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Go here to see the updated mod: PacVader1234's Far Ends: Ender Expansion | MCreator




How to use endurium and malacite Here: Somethings that are in end plus - YouTube

To craft an endersent caller, use 5 ender essence in a crafting table.


New Biomes:

Chorus Forest

End Wilds

New Mobs:


Watchling (Drops Ender Essence)


Chorus Moofruit


New Ores:




New Enchantments:

Ender Smite


Other Features:

Ender Crystals

Endstone Spike


REMEMBER: These are only first releases expect bugs/glitches, if you find a bug, REPORT IT IN THE COMMENTS


Wooooo! 21 downloads already!

Modification files
EndUpdateV1.2.0.jarUploaded on: 06/29/2022 - 04:10   File size: 3.12 MB
EndUpdateV1.2.1.jarUploaded on: 06/29/2022 - 19:01   File size: 3.12 MB
EndUpdateV1.3.0.jar - Latest VersionUploaded on: 07/02/2022 - 04:29   File size: 3.13 MB

Version 1.3.0:

-Added Endstone Spike


Version 1.2.1:

-Better Chorus Log/Wood Textures

-Better Endurium Textures


Version 1.2.0:

-Added Chorus Moofruit

-Changed the name of "Enderite" to "Endurium"


(File Removed from Downloads) Version 1.1.0:

-Added Stripped Chorus Wood/Log



(File Removed from Downloads) Version 1.0.0:

-Added Everything in first release

Hey, would you like to replace the standard "enderite" name of gear with something original?

The Need for Ideas: Guys, I have run out of ideas to make this mod even better, sure there will be WAAAY more bug fixes, but I mean I need FEATURES! So, if you guys have any ideas, let me know and two winners will get their idea into the mod!

Just know, you might have to sit there for 2 hours copy and pasting blocks. And you are limited to the number of biomes you can have. I recommend using a fabric generator as that will provide the use of making end biomes, unlimited numbers of them.

Hey guys! Just letting you know I’m working on 2.0.0, with better biome generation! Might take a while though…