Farm Adventure II: The Breath of the Elements

Published by Goldorion on Mon, 12/23/2019 - 22:33
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Welcome to Farm Adventure II : The Breath of the Elements, a great remake of Farm Adventure.

Farm Adventure II: The Breath of the Elements is a remake of the original, Farm Adventure. This second Farm Adventure has as goal to take farm Adventure and to increase everything like biomes, blocks, elements, etc. It adds also new creatures (passive and hostiles), boss, elements and many more things.

I'm currently developping the mod, so be patient to have other features. I do my best to make a great and good. If you have a suggestions about something leave it in comments ! ;)


Some informations :

  1. To access to the Leaf Dimension, create a portal (like the Nether portal) with Overgrown Stone and right click with the igniter (It seems to an iron axe).

  2. To summon the elemental boss, find his temple and right click with the Dimension igniter on the Summoning Totem.

  3. To fin Spinel ore, you have to go in the Nether. Aquamarine and Topaz ores spawn exclusively in the Overworld.

  4. Currently, the mod support only the English, but French and other translations will come later in the development.

  5. Other dimensions are available, but they have nothing inside. (You can access to them in right clicking with their element (except for the Aether. There isn’t a dimension for the moment).

  6. Achievements will come later.

  7. There will be some other new features for the Leaf Dimension in the next updates.

  8. I’m supposed to say it, but I’m thinking to add other elements and other functionalities to elements like spell.


If you want to see the first Teaser Trailer, it’s here.

Go on the Curse Forge page (not available yet) for more screens of the mod. (I don’t find a new way to upload my screens.)…


Enjoy and I hope you will like it !

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
farm_adventure_2 1.14.4-0.1.0-alpha_3.jar - Farm Adventure II 1.14.4-0.1.0-alpha1.01 MB


I will make a little update tomorrow (December 24th) or as soon as possible, to fix some bugs.


Alpha 0.1.0 (December 23th):

First public version (Ores, element and dimension bases, leaf dimension features and some other things)

It’s written ...-alpha_03, but it’s not a new version. It’s only a re-upload the file 3 times.

Submitted by Rukusu on Tue, 12/24/2019 - 00:29

Nice! I’m really excited for this mod!

I've been waiting for this for a while, I'm in your Discord server. This mod is awesome, submit this to MOTW after the full release.