Farm Adventure II

Published by Goldorion on Mon, 12/23/2019 - 22:33
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Welcome in the world of Farm Adventure, an adventure into the elements.

What is Farm Adventure?

Farm Adventure is a mod about the adventure and exploration and the elements. You will discover several new biomes and dimensions, meet a lot of new creatures and monsters and have one of the best adventure of your life on Minecraft.

I'm currently developping the mod, so be patient to have other features. I do my best to make a great and good. If you have a suggestions about something leave it in comments! ;)


Some informations :

  1. To summon the elemental boss, find his temple and right click with the Dimension igniter on the Summoning Totem.

  2. The mod supports English and French (Canada and France).

  3.  All dimensions are available, but they have nothing inside (except for the Earth dimension. The Aether dimension is the

  4. I will merge my big project to this mod for the first version or the first update. It will be about the time. ;) If you want to help me, contact me, I will be glad to have some help. XD


If you want to see the first Teaser Trailer, it’s here.

Go on the Curse Forge page for more screens of the mod.


Enjoy and I hope you will like it !

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
farm adventure 2 1.14.4-1.2.0-alpha.jar - Farm Adventure II 1.14.4-1.2.0-alpha1.72 MB


Alpha 1.2.0 (March 22nd, 2020 - 402 elements):

This update can broke your world.
- Added new wood types : Larch, Sugar Maple
- Added Himalayan Salt, Himalayan Salt Bricks
- Added new biomes: Alpine Larch Forest, Larch Forest, Sugar Maple Forest, Snowy Sugar Maple Forest, Himalayan Mountains, Mushroom Forest, Big Mushroom Forest
// All of these biomes spawn into the Overworld, but not all of these spawn in the Leaf Dimension.
- Added Maple Water and Maple Syrup
- Added recipes for limestone, overgrown stone blocks and all slabs
- Added support of the blast furnace, the smoking and the campfire for the crafts

- Removed the Guide Book (It will be re added later.)
- New package name
- Change Basalt and Dacite Mountains generation
- Badland Desert and Savanna and Clear Forest now generate in the Overworld.
- Goats now spawn into the Alpine Larch Forest (Removed only Basalt and Dacite Mountains)
- Change stone crafts of the crafting table and the firnace for the stone cutter, the smoker, the campfire and the blast furnace
- Improved wood and leaves flammability
- [Bugfix] A recipe to craft the Special Milk with an Aquamarine Ore wasn't removed.
- [Bugfix] Change "Savana and CLear Forest" for "Savanna and Clear Forest" (ID too)
- [Bugfix] Change the weather with the World Change Block didn't work.
- [Bugfix] Dacite and limestone blocks spawned into the Overworld.
- Som other minor changes and bug fixes

Alpha 1.1.0 (March 3rd, 2020):
(This update can broke your world. make sure to make a backup of your world before.)

Sorry for the late update. I didn't have time in the last month.

  • Added Basalt, Limestone, Dacite and Overgrown Stone slabs
  • Added Fall leaves
  • Added Meadows, Snowy Meadows, Flower Plains, Autumn Forest, Badlands Desert, Tundra

* Not all biomes spawn into the Leaf Dimensions. Some biomes are only into the Overworld, some others are only into the leaf Dimensions, and some into are into both dimensions.

  • Added some vanilla biomes into the Leaf Dimension (Badlands group)
  • Added leaves to the vanilla tags: leaves
  • Added slabs to the vanilla tags: slabs
  • Added stairs to the vanilla tags: stairs
  • Added support of French language (Canada and France for the moment)
  • Added new category for the spell controls
  • Added foods to breed Bettle (Fruits and berries), Goats (Wheat), Deer(Fruits, berries and Wheat) and Grass Dinosaur(Grass (Plants))
  • Change leaves for vanilla leave style
  • Change "Stone Golem Summoning Totem" for "Anciant Golem Summoning Totem"
  • Some item and block ID changes
  • Fruit bushes spawn now into specific biomes. (Savanna and Clear Forest, Meadows, Flower Plainsand Autumn Forest)
  • Reduce spawn probability of fruit bushes
  • Remove the Evergreen Biome
  • [Bugfix] "pilliar" has been changed for "pillar"
  • [Bugfix] Custom dimension portal igniter worked on any block
  • [Bugfix] In some biomes, no entities spawned.
  • Some other minor changes and bugfixes

Alpha 1.0.0 (January 27th, 2020):
(This update can broke your world.)
  • Added spells (Check Controls):

            - Added Earth Spells

            - Added Water Spells

  • Added crafts for Basalt and Dacite blocks and their variants
  • Added craft for Lemonade and Limeade
  • Added Spinel Block
  • Added Guide Book (Not complete)
  • Aquamarine ore now spawn in all ocean biomes.
  • Change nutrional values of Lemoande and Limeade to 3.
  • Remove Fertile Grass and Dirt
  • Remove Topaz and Spinel Armor
  • Remove option to switch dimension with Elements and their properties.
  • [Bug Fix] Evergreen forest has now the good tree type.
  • [Bug Fix] "Piliar" has been fixed for "Pilliar"
  • [Bug Fix] "Anciant Golem" has been changed for "Ancient Golem"
  • [Bug Fix] Special milk gave Instant Health instead of Regeneration.
  • [Bug Fix] Custom dimension portals did not work.
  • Some minor performance improvements, changes and bug fixes

Alpha 0.2.1 (January 19th, 2020):
- backberry_bush_3 is now blackberry_bush_3
- Bushes was placed on the wrong block.
- Some little minor changes on the placement of bushes
- Cream Goat's loot table didn't work.
- Goats now panics when attacked.


Alpha 0.2.0 (January 19th, 2020):

- Loot Tables support for mobs
- Added foods and plants : blackberry, strawberry, raw and cooked venison, Special Milk Bucket (Right click on the Special Goat)
- Added Beetle Husk and Goat Horns (You can use them to make bone meals.)
- Added Goats!
- Some texture changes


Alpha 0.1.0 (December 23th, 2019):

First public version (Ores, element and dimension bases, leaf dimension features and some other things)

I've been waiting for this for a while, I'm in your Discord server. This mod is awesome, submit this to MOTW after the full release.