Squid's Biomes

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Adds several high-quality biomes to Minecraft

(Most of the structures in this mod aren't structures, they are procedurally generated entirely) (this means nothing is floating) (also a lot of variation)

Volcanoes: A cobblestone biome with procedural lava pools and volcanoes

Volcanoes Spikes: Volcanoes biome but sharper

Volcanoes Caterpillar: Volcanoes biome but segmented

Giant oak: Biome full of giant oak trees (procedurally generated)

Prairie: Biome covered in triple high grass

Canopy jungle: Like roofed forest but marshier

I'm not going to upload pictures of everything in this mod, because I feel like keeping it a mystery will incentivize people to download it and check it out.

Modification files
squidbiomes_0.jarUploaded on: 02/07/2021 - 18:16   File size: 2.78 MB