Atomic Skia

Published by apollo 11 on Sun, 06/28/2020 - 14:37
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I am back with a new mod! this one is called Atomic Skia. which means Atomic shadows in Greek. i thought it has been long enough for not posting anything for almost 1 year and here i am now.


NOW on with what the mod contains............


all the mod elements so far............



1. red lighting block

2. old nightmared stained netherrack

3. Ground lab block purple

4. Ground lab block blue

5. lab floor

6. vergo block 1

7. Ground lab block green

8. acron leaf

9. acron wood

10. nouk sand

11. nouk stone

12. plastic nightmare wood

13. plastic nightmare log

14. plastic lightmare log

15. pink sponge wallpaper

16. ash grass

17.  white bunker block

18. blue burn brick

19. sliver pearl block

20.  sliver pearl ore

21. polished sliver pearl block

22. crimson vine cobble

23. crimson 'Gave'el

24.  crimson lan-van-light

25. crimson chiz"A"ld writing

26. crimson greattiu

27. crimson ore

Food items.

1.  acron

2. red syringe

3. fermented nightmaruim

4. syringe nightmarium

5. onzorvor water syringe

6.  nouk soup

7. crimson sweet jEQice


1. roja-blanca's sword

2. regular cimson sword

3. bootleg nightmare staff

4. the crisin's sword

5. bootleg nightmare sword

6. the povora

Gun/ranged items

1. s1240k7

2.bussian shadow gun


1. broken mr bill head

2. Rag

3. nouk dust

4. curserite

5. Ligh-eye-.- Q phone

6. Ligh-eye-.- Q phone  (broken)

7.  sliver pearl ingot

8. nouk power vile

9.  crimson sweet weat

10.  crimsonium


1. shadow web of lies

2. nouk fire (green)

3. crimson sweet wheat

4.  crimson vine

5.  crimson kwehads


1. fermented armor (pink)

2. cinder vorszicer armor

3. pj phantom

4. sliver pearl amror


1. the old nightmared nether or the O.N.N


1. roja-blanca

2. the she shadow

3. rassaerna

4. illos modernage

5. bioiod walker

6. soul sherkker

7. salt spider

8. (phantom 1) zyinc'N'akit

9. (phantom 2) dis-pair

10. (phantom 3) vindddickitt

11. (phantom 4) the plag"ure"


1. joined the darkside

2. well hey there ;)


4. Tweeker







the one on the left is roja-blanca she is the leader of crimson kingdom and i will not stop attacking you until one of you falls in battle she is like a pigman just she attacks you first

the one on the right is rassaerna a passive mob only there to show you what happened before the atomic bombs hit the world. she is like a villager





the one on the left is  illos (modern age) she is a lightmare warrior defeating the nightmares now in the modern age of time she works at a museum as a guard in case the nightmares come back because.........they always do... she is like a iron golem


NOW the one on  the right is a bioiod walker its a human mixed with nouk stone and curserite forced to walk the lands of ash. also its like a blaze only different 



Total mod element count for Pre-Alpha build: 139 

but you may be wondering why i say 139 instead of 77? well i am counting EVERY SINGLE MOD ELEMENT like recipes and smelting and listing all the recipes will not very useful for many reasons so i am listing the things what  people will be most interesting for people.



Now enjoy the mod! i will be updating this very frequently i have many more pictures to show and things to tell but i have spent 3 hours on this screen so i think i should take a little eye break now BYE and again enjoy!


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Hi! I'm new to MCreator and I have been watching you and many others mod on this community (this is a great website) I learned a lot from this site and this is one of best Minecraft sites out there for modding. Anyway you Apollo 11 is one of the more better modders out there, you come up with things that are scary and cheesey but in a good way. Anyway you where the one who made me make this account and just to say hi. I guess you can call me a fan? Lol


P.P.S best of luck on MOTW! i can see that all your mods have a great future ahead of them!