Eternal Dimensions

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Welcome to Eternal Dimensions. This mod adds 13 new dimensions all having only one biome in them.  For example: the eternal plains dimension is... as said… entirely made out of a plains biome. This mod was made for those who need alot of wood but they live in a desert. Or when you need sand but there is no desert anywhere near. Continue reading as there is no in game guide to the mod.


Biomes in order of appearence in first picture:


Biome 1: Eternal plains.

The Eternal Plains dimension exists entirely out of the plains biome. There are some trees here and there but thats about it this dimension has to offer. The portal frame must be made out of dirt. Note: it wont accept grass so make sure the portal has no connection to grass!


Biome 2: Eternal Forest

The Eternal Forest dimension is... again… one massive forest. There is nothing special going on underground, so very usefull for collecting wood. The portal frame must be made out of oak wood logs.


Biome 3: Eternal Mountains

The Eternam Mountains Dimension is entirely made out of mountains. The terrain is mostly kind of flat, but it has some massive hills here and there. You will see some spruce trees lying around, but thats about it. I am 99% sure that emeralds generate in here. The portal frame must be made out of smooth stone.


Biome 4: Eternal Ocean

The eternal ocean is one big ocean… (duh) but its not a deep one. Overall this dimension really does not have much to offer, as ocean monuments do not spawn here. The portal frame must be made out of prismarine blocks. Any version of the block is fine (so prismarine bricks work too).


Biome 5: Eternal Deep Ocean

The Eternal Deep Ocean is like the Eternal Ocean but D E E P! i am not sure if ocean monuments spawn here or not. Nevertheless there is one thing why you would want to go here... the underground. Altough the ocean itself is pretty boring, the underground has something unique… its entirely made out of clay. So if you need clay, this is the place to go! The portal frame must be made out of any prismarine block, just like the previous dimension.


Biome 6: Eternal Desert

Its a big desert, with some small hills here and there. Cacti generate here. Portal frame must be made out of sandstone.


Biome 7: Eternal End

The eternal end simultaniously failed and succeeded. Above ground, the dimension looks like sh*t. Purple sky, and dirt floors. But if you go underground... everything is made out of end stone and endermen spawn there! (Endermen do not spawn above ground). Grass does not grow here. The portal frame must be made out of end stone.


Biome 8: Eternal Jungle

Its a HUGE rainforest so big it would make the amazon rainforest look like a peanut compared to this. This dimension is unique compared to the others for two reasons: 1, the underground is cobblestone, not smooth stone and 2, This dimension actually looks kind of cool. The portal must be made out of jungle logs... at least that is what i intended but it works on all wood types. so i guess… the portal must be made out of any log.


Biome 9: Eternal… River?

Yeah so this dimension was made to be an experiment... its exactly the same as the Eternal Ocean, but the water is 10 blocks deep at most. If you somehow want to go here, the portal frame must be entirely made out of regular clay blocks.


Biome 10: Eternal Mesa

This biome is not your classical Mesa, its more like a combination of Mesa and a Red Desert. The underground is made out of white terracotta, and the surface is made out of red sand. Overal a quite interesting dimension. The portal frame must be made out of regular terracotta.


Biome 11: Eternal Redwood Forest

Having a hard time finding a mega taiga forest or anything like that? well look no more! This dimension is entire made out of Mega Taiga Hills, but i call them Redwood Forests because i like that name more. The portal frame must be made out of any log.


Biome 12: Shrek's Swamp

Yeah thats right i named this dimension the Shrek's Swamp instead of Eternal Swamp. I did it because i like it. Anyway this dimension is good for slime hunting. The portal must be made out of coarse dirt.


Biome 13: The Empty World

This dimension was also a test and im pleased with the results. Every block is replaced with air, leaving only bedrock and lava behind. It looks really cool. Another cool thing: when you make a superflat world with the void preset, you spawn on a big square platform... well that platform also spawns in this dimension! Pretty neat huh? The portal frame must be made out of glass.


Usefull tips:

I advice to have JEI installed, as i was not bothered to show the crafting recipes of the portal igniters.

I also advice to use this in a modpack if you can, as the dimensions have the setting enabled where they function like the overworld. This could be really usefull in some modpacks.


If you have any suggestions on what dimension i should add or if there are any bugs, let me know in the comments as id like to continue this mod.

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