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You may have already explored the vast expanses of the arid Badlands: roaming the red sands, traversing dangerous heights, mining for gold aplenty, and perhaps struggling for efficient survival. But now, it's time for some things to change around those hostile areas. And not all of the changes might be good. Will you be ready for it all? This, my friend... is Betterlands.


Betterlands is a small biome mod that adds new features centered around the badlands biome. Its aim is to make the biome look better and turn it into a more survivable place; giving players more options in interacting with it. The badlands might have been one of the more boring biomes in vanilla Minecraft... but with this mod, you can expect it all to change!

(Spoiler: this mod is just part 1 of 3 biome mods, as I'm planning to make a couple more biome expansion mods.)



I - Terrain Features

  • Juniper Tree - Meet the new type of tree exclusively found in the Badlands! Juniper trees offer a wood source of the same name and are the only source of juniper berries which grow on their leaves that aren't exposed to air above them. These juniper berries can be crafted into gin (that's right, the alcoholic drink mainly made of juniper berries)

juniper treejuniper berriesjuniper set


II - Blocks

  • Fossil Rocks - These are ore-like blocks that drop bone-related items when mined with any pickaxe. They are commonly found in the badlands & eroded badlands biomes (especially in mesas and plateaus), and they don't generate where there's air, water, or lava directly above them. Upon mining, they always drop bone and have a small chance to drop lizard bones, an item used to craft 5 bonemeals (and for comparison, that's 2 more compared to the amount of bonemeal you can craft from bones!)

fossil rocks


  • Terracotta Bricks - These are new types of bricks that would be good for building. They come in stairs, slab, and wall variants.

terracotta bricks


  • Terracotta Pavement - These will be great for building pathways! They also come in stairs and slab variants that allow for more building options.

terracotta pavements


  • Terracotta Roof Tiles - Can be used for building better roofs. They're slightly slippery and only come in default basic blocks.

terracotta roof tiles


III - Entities

  • Bighorn Sheep - these mammals spawn on top of wooded badlands plateaus, and will be the main source of meat in the badlands. That said, they drop bighorn meat which can be cooked. Their other drops are bighorn hide (used for crafting bighorn hide armor) and large horn (currently has no uses). Another thing: they can be bred with badlands bushes (however, their baby versions are as big as adult bighorns at the moment, and I'm still looking for a way to change that)

bighorn sheep


IV - Armor

  • Bighorn Hide Armor - Give yourself a bit of protection from some of the harmful elements of the badlands (or anywhere else) by equipping a set of armor crafted from bighorn hide! These are only on the same level as leather armor, so that means they have the same defense points & durability, but they will suffice for the most part before you could find or craft better armor.

bighorn hide armor



  • Bighorn sheep's baby models are as big as mature bighorn sheep (Since 0.1.0 pre-alpha)
  • All kinds of fossil rocks don't drop themselves when mide with a Silk Touch pickaxe (Fixed in 0.2.0 alpha)
  • Badlands Bush & Brittlebush plants' hitboxes are too small (Fixed in 0.4.0 Beta)

(Feel free to report any issue/s to me, and I will try my best to fix them!)


#1: There are a lot of recipes included in this mod (especially for the new terracotta blocks), so I recommend using JEI for easy recipe viewing.

#2: As always, I'm open to suggestions, and I can also accept valid criticism! Don't worry, I won't be mad as long as you won't be a jerk about it! ;)

#3: Feel free to add this to your modpack! :D

#4: This mod is now available on CurseForge! Its page there will serve as an archive for all versions, and only the latest ones will be uploaded here due to MCreator having a 4 mod file limit. So if you want to see all versions and perhaps even want an alternative to report an issue/make a feature request, you can visit the CurseForge page here!


  • Rattlesnakes (progress: 16%)
  • Badlands Coyotes (CANCELLED)
  • Badlands Monitor Lizards (progress: 100%) <- NOTE: their "species" got changed to "gila monsters" so it's a tad bit different now
  • Flowering Cactus (progress: 20%)
  • Terracotta Lamps (progress: 6%)
  • Lizard Bones to be placed on top of blocks (progress: 23%)
  • Ancient Structures, including tombs (progress: 86%)
  • Possibility for Bighorn Sheep to ram you when you provoke them (progress: 100% completed)

(DISCLAIMER: Progress percentages might be inaccurate as they are merely estimations.)


  • This mod is fully compatible with Better Badlands, so you can play modded Minecraft and have both of them installed without having to worry about a thing!


  • I was a bit inspired by two really good, already existing badlands-themed mod, Better Badlands and Better Badlands (yup, they have the same name XD, but they're actually two entirely different mods adding different content also relating to badlands; the first one is for 1.12 and the second is for 1.16)
  • Special thanks to everyone who voted for the badlands biome and gave me suggestions & feedback! And I promise that most of the suggestions won't be scrapped; remember, this mod is only beginning, and I believe there will be a long journey ahead for this mod where I can have time to add most of the suggested features, as well as future ones!
  • And of course, I want to thank MCreator's developers for making a good modding software; which made this mod idea possible, easier and quicker to achieve! As always, I will also try my very best to make this mod as well-polished as possible <3
Modification files
Betterlands-1.15.2-0.4.0 [beta].jar - Version 0.4.0 (Beta) for 1.15.2 [last beta before first stable release]Uploaded on: 05/09/2021 - 05:22   File size: 2.01 MB
Betterlands-1.15.2-0.5.0.jar - Version 0.5.0 for 1.15.2Uploaded on: 05/14/2021 - 07:47   File size: 2.07 MB
Betterlands-1.16.5-0.5.0.jar - Version 0.5.0 for 1.16.5Uploaded on: 05/14/2021 - 07:47   File size: 2.26 MB
Betterlands-1.16.5-210709b [0.6.0].jar - [LATEST] Snapshot 210709b for 1.16.5Uploaded on: 02/25/2022 - 04:20   File size: 2.46 MB

Snapshot 210709b

  • Reorganized everything into a single creative tab
  • Bonemealing red sand will now produce either wilting bush or brittlebush, making those 2 plants renewable
  • Juniper berries now grow from branches that hang from juniper trees instead of directly on leaves
  • Made juniper berries grow slightly slower
  • Added food: golden juniper berries
  • Added horned cap (allows you to ram towards enemies as an attack)
  • Added fossils (items): brontothere bone, nimravid hipbone, archaeopteryx limb, dimetrodon ribs, mosasaur skull, megalania claws (these can be primarily used for crafting fossil armor)
  • Added fossil armor made from the fossils of extinct creatures! (fossil armor gives a chance to block arrows that hit the wearer. more armor pieces worn = higher chance)
  • Added mob: gila monster
  • Added advancement: Berry Bad (get poisoned from juniper berries)
  • Added overlays for warning the player when they're close to getting poisoned by juniper berries
  • Added more fossil rocks for naturally-generated terracotta colors, each having a chance to drop their respective unique fossil item
  • Added blocks: glossy terracotta blocks (+16 colors), terracotta rooftile ridges (+ 16 colors), settling clay (1st clay sedimentation stage), compacting clay (2nd clay sedimentation stage), cementing clay (3rd clay sedimentation stage)
  • Added artificial “sedimentation” mechanic, which slowly turns clay into claystone over time (stack 3 blocks of clay on a 4-deep water body to start artificially sedimenting)
  • Added a few quality-of-life changes
  • Bighorn sheep now have a chance to perform a ramming attack on mobs that damage them
  • Bighorn Hide armor can now reduce the knockback received from bighorn sheep ramming attack
  • All juniper-related plant stuff (e.g. leaves, berries, sapling) can now be composted
  • Reduced juniper sapling drop rate from juniper leaves
  • Renamed “badlands bush” to “wilting bush”
  • Walking on terracotta pavements will now give a slight increase in movement speed
  • Fixed wilting bush & brittlebush placement (valid ground & position)
  • Drinking milk will now completely cure juniper berry poisoning
  • [Bugfix] Juniper fences did not connect to other wooden fences
  • [Bugfix] Juniper wood stuff did not drop when destroyed with tools other than an axe & were slow to break
  • [Bugfix] One juniper tree variant's leaves were unintentionally persistent (didn't decay)
  • [Bugfix] Finally fixed baby bighorn sheep model being as big as adult bighorn sheep (their baby model is now scaled down properly, woohoo!)


  • Added support for Forge 1.16.5!
  • Added blocks:
    • claystone tiles/tile stairs/tile slab
    • gilded red sandstone stairs/slab/wall
  • Retextured items:
    • juniper berries
    • bighorn hide helmet
    • red sandstone brick
  • Retextured block:
    • juniper sapling
  • Changed recipe for gilded red sandstone bricks to use gold nuggets instead of ingots
  • Added recipes for the rest of terracotta tile colors
  • Juniper berries can now be crafted into white dyes
  • Badland bushes and dead bushes can now serve as fuel, with 120 burn time
  • Improved bone mealing for juniper sapling

0.4.0 Beta

  • Added blocks:
    • terracotta tiles
    • claystone
    • claystone fossil rock
    • polished claystone
    • claystone bricks 
  • Made juniper trees also generate on top of badlands plateaus
  • [Change] Retextured blocks:
    • badlands bush
    • juniper log
    • juniper sapling
    • juniper door & trapdoor
    • chiseled red sandstone bricks
    • gilded red sandstone bricks
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some errors with mod's block & item tags

0.3.0 Beta

  • Added a mod logo!
  • Added drink: gin
  • Added advancements:
    • Betterlands
    • Edible Seed Cones
    • Fossil Hunter
  • Added 1 smaller variant to the juniper tree
  • [Change] Retextured blocks:
    • juniper leaves & fruiting juniper leaves
    • juniper log & stripped juniper log
    • juniper door & trapdoor
    • brittlebush
    • chiseled red sandstone bricks
  • [Change] Retextured items:
    • juniper door
    • juniper berries
    • large horn
  • [Change] Juniper leaves no longer produce juniper berries when air is directly above them 
  • [Change] Redesigned structure: juniper tree
  • [Bugfix] Finally fixed floating juniper trees!
  • [Bugfix] Fixed (improved) juniper log & wood stripping procedure (there were cases of multiple stripping sounds playing before)

0.2.0 Alpha - Juniper Berries Update

  •  Added blocks:
    • fruiting juniper leaves (renewable source of juniper berries), juniper sapling (growable)
  • Added food:
    • juniper berries
  • Added juniper berries poisoning mechanic. Eat 12 berries in a quick succession & suffer the consequences! 
  • Drops of fossil rocks (all variants) are now affected by Fortune enchantment
  • [Change] Remodeled & retextured entity:
    • bighorn sheep
  • [Change] Retextured blocks:
    • juniper door
    • juniper log
    • juniper leaves
    • chiseled red sandstone bricks
    • gilded red sandstone bricks
    • brittlebush
    • terracotta pavements
  • [Change] Retextured armor:
    • bighorn hide armor
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug with fossil rocks (all variants) not dropping themselves when mined with a silk touch pickaxe

0.1.0 Pre-alpha

  • Added plenty of blocks:
    • fossil rock, terracotta fossil rocks, red sandstone bricks, red sandstone brick stairs, red sandstone brick slab, red sandstone brick wall, chiseled red sandstone bricks, gilded red sandstone bricks, cracked red sandstone bricks, terracotta bricks, terracotta brick stairs, terracotta brick slabs, terracotta brick walls, terracotta pavements, terracotta pavement stairs, terracotta pavement slabs, terracotta roof tiles, juniper log, juniper wood, stripped juniper log, stripped juniper wood, juniper leaves, juniper planks, juniper stairs, juniper slab, juniper fence, juniper fence gate, juniper door, juniper trapdoor
  • Added items:
    • large horn, red sandstone brick, bighorn hide, lizard bones
  • Added entity:
    • bighorn sheep
  • Added structure:
    • juniper tree (terrain feature)
  • Added armor:
    • bighorn hide armor set (bighorn hide cap, bighorn hide tunic, bighorn hide pants, bighorn hide boots)
  • Added creative tabs:
    • Betterlands Blocks, Betterlands Items, Betterlands Entities, Betterlands Combat, Betterlands Foodstuffs, Betterlands Decorations
  • Added all juniper woods (juniper log & wood, stripped juniper log & wood, and juniper planks) as fuels

that one uses a slightly older version, but the features are still pretty much the same. that can be helpful for beginners.

there are all kinds of tutorials for it around the internet though, just google blockbench tutorials if you want

Hey @Sajevius,

your mod is very, very cool, I've tested it. Can you pls make it for 1.17.1? Have a nice Tuesday!

Sincerely yours,

hi! thanks for trying it out. and yeah I'll make it for 1.17.1 for sure (eventually tho, coz I've been busier than usual lately coz of schoolwork)
unfortunately, sorry coz i don't think I'll add badlands villages & villagers anymore; other mods kinda did it already and i don't wanna reinvent the wheel ^^"

Nice, I‘m Waiting for the 1.17.1 Version of this very nice Minecraft Mod for a very Long Time! Can you pls Upload this then? And can you please make a Minecraft: Pocket Edition version of Shroomed and Betterlands? I Need These Mods also in my Minecraft: Pocket Edition world, but unfortunalety, there isn‘t a Minecraft: Pocket Edition Version yet. Can you pls make one for The Minecraft: Pocket Edition? And also thanks for the effort that you had put in in this very, very nice Mod!

hmmm, juniper logs take as long as stone to break with your fist and don't drop anything unless you use an axe, is this intentional?
also, I think that the loot tables for juniper saplings and sticks are a bit too high, I got 12 saplings and 28 sticks from one tree.
p.s. I used the latest version for 1.16.5 and downloaded it with the curseforge app.

Also, I have a suggestion:
LIZARDS! They are EVERYWERE at places like the Grand Canyon and Bryce, and I think that you could probably give them some interesting mechanics.