Solar Flare Mod - Now Survival Compatible!

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About The Solar Flare Mod:

This Mod WILL Now Work For Survival!

The solar flare mod was developed by me alone and it took me around a year to create and another year for all of the plans to be drawn out. (To make a good mod you should always start with a sketchbook full of all your ideas) This is a very early release as I plan to build onto it in the future, including a second mod called "The Lunar Twilight" which will combine the two into an equinox type modpack. If you like the mod please visit the two links above, as it will support me and help me continue making these mods. 

What You Should Know:

This mod is a very early release. That being said be sure to see a lot of updates and if you spot an issue, (Missing crafting recipe, something that you think should do something, or mobs not behaving correct) please tell me there is a discord for this at this link:



Now To The MOD!

Basic Generation and Structures:

  • Portal Shrine: The portal shrine is a random generating structure that holds the old worn down waypoints, the waypoints transfer you directly to the relative position in the solar flare dimention. However they can't be used until after the portal to the dimention had already been opened. Spawns in the overworld, Crystal Mountains. 


  • Levitation Platform: A somewhat rare unfinished structure that will lift the user off the ground for about 10 seconds. Only found in the Gravitite Forests.
  • Sword Shrine: An extremely rare structure that can spawn in every biome, (even oceans) They spawn on an average of one every 200,000 chunks if your lucky. If you come accross one of these special weapons. Well too bad for you, no-one is worthy enough to wield it yet. (AKA I'm not done coding that part) 


  • King Svalinn Temple: This is a somewhat rare temple that mainly consists of walls and a boss that will shread even the strongest armor. The boss has some very special properties I'll go over soon. Spawns in Quartz Deserts. 

  • The Labyrinth: It may from the outside just look like a tower straight to heaven, but its actually that tall just so the overly mountainous terrain wont burry it entirely. The tower consists of one thing, STAIRS! If you like cardio, this is a dream for you. If not, it's probably better to dig straight down. Spawn everywhere except water.


  • Pillars: Random pillars that hold some very valuable resources. Only spawn in the Crystal Plains.


Now For Biomes:

  • Crystal Plains: Flat... Very good for animals!
  • Crystal Mountains: Death to anyone who hate hights... You WILL fall.
  • Gravitite Forests: Levitation, Floating stuff, Pretty... There isnt much more to say.
  • Sunflare Ocean: Sparkley rocks litter the bottom, (Aquatic life comming soon!)
  • Quartz Desert: Sand that is much to grainy to make glass, its much closer to a gravel then a sand.


Modification files

This is a very early release...

- Version 0.4.2 -

     - Added "Flint and Crystal"

     - Added "Corrupt Heart"

     - Added "Rune Fragments"

     - Fixed King Svalinn and added health bars

     - Portal frame is now made up of "Rune Flarebrick"

     - Added lots of missing crafting recipes

     - Made "Crystalite" Less rare, erm... Actually generate :D

Wow, this is one of the best mod pages I've ever seen! Also, the mod seems very nice, I'll look forward to new updates.