A Few Useful Dimensions

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A Few Useful Dimensions


Step 1: Play survival Minecraft and build a stockpile of diamonds, nether bricks, nether wart, lapis, nether stars, etc.

Step 2: make portal frames of diamond blocks, emerald blocks, red nether brick,and lapis blocks.

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A Few Useful Dimensions 1.12.2.jar - A Few Useful Dimensions 1.12.2Uploaded on: 03/21/2019 - 00:49   File size: 217.01 KB

Nice mod :) Clever what you did with the furnaces, so you have to have stuff burning in them. :)

i like the idea of this mod however i think the diamond dimension (no reference to the TDM series) is a little OP as you can obtain diamonds easily. i cant complain though because my new mod is basically op xD