Better Badlands

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Have you ever found the badlands to be boring well this the mod for you. It adds so many new things to the badlands like vultures, snakes, guns and more.

Creatures in the mod

1. Vulture

Will fly around the badlands

2. Cactus Weavel

WIll sometimes appear when breaking a flowering cactus

3. White Cactus Weavel

Has an realy low chance of spawing when breaking a flowering cactus

4. Snake

Willl posion you and attack you. You can right click with bottles to get snake venom (good luck with that)

5. Bandit

Are found in the new bandit outposts




Gun: You can shoot stuff quicker but it has less damage then a bow.


Venom Gun: Is like the gun but needs venom bullets to use and posions enemys.




Flowering cactus: A new cactus that can only be found in the badlands


Venom Block: Does nothing right now.


Snake Venom: Is used to make venom guns and venom bullets.


Prickly Pear: is a new food that can easlly be found.


Prickly Pear Juice: Fills you up more then the normal prickly pear.


Juicer: Used to make pricky pear juice.


Vulture Feather: Does nothing currently


Planed Features

1. Western Villagers and Villages


2. Buffalo

Modification files
BetterBadlands1.0.jarUploaded on: 10/20/2019 - 19:15   File size: 271.16 KB

This is awesome... I was thinking of adding features like these in my own mod, but I won’t because these outdo it. Cudos to u dude!!!

Good mod :)
The vultures look really cool, but you could improve the cactus

Looks cool! nice model for the Vulture! Would make a custom model for the cactus tho :)

Great! :D
I'd recommend a custom model and improved texture for that cactus though.